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Visitor hospitality at our stadium...

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I was there. The crowd was actually making more noise for Our third downs than they were for Eagles third downs. Eagles fans were energized, Panthers fans were quiet even when we were ahead.  They had a few “On Your Feet” attempts for Panthers fans. No one stood up!  No one!  

Winning changes everything. When we hosted the Steelers, they started off loud, then got very quiet as we pulled further ahead. Yesterday it was the reverse. Don’t blame fans for being fans. 

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10 hours ago, Catsfan69 said:

You sound like the guy that tells other Panther fans to sit down when they stand up to make noise for the D on 3rd down. 

F that noise.

I know this might be hard to believe, but there is actually a place somewhere between being a drunk asshole with a rapsheet and born to lose tattooed on his forehead and being some wine and cheese prick who doesn't get football at all and is there for the social scene.

It's called being a reasonable person.

I can support my team AND be louder than you on 3rd down without advocating for asshattery.

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22 hours ago, Brooklyn 3.0 said:

Real or not, cities like Philly, Pittsburgh, NYC have an "edge". Charlotte has never had an edge and never will. It's southern hospitality, it's good ol boys, it's country, it's NASCAR, etc. Not to mention it's a banking city where the wine and cheesers far outnumber the blue collar folk ... especially when it comes to ticket purchases. You'll never be Philly Fan or match the sheer insanity of crowds that the Yankees and Red Sox deliver during the Playoffs for example. Just be happy you have a team, love them, and don't worry about who comes into "your house" because your house has a welcome mat.

It’s the easiest game day experience for an opposing fan.  CLT is a hub and it’s a stadium downtown with numerous hotels within walking distance.  Weather from Oct - Dec is balmy relative to a lot of other NFL towns.

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