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Cam Erving vs Other 2021 Free Agents


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10 minutes ago, raleigh-panther said:

This is why drafting an OT was imperative 

The Panthers drafted a CB and while he might turn out to be the greatest CB in the NFL, he isn’t a LT that does support the most important position on the field 

we passed on Slater who is doing just fine protecting Herbert 

…even with his short arms 

Most important position on the field, QB 

second most important LT

apparently, just based on what has occurred a decision was made to develop a strong defense first and then go offense 

you want to know why Stafford didn’t want to be here. Look at the line   Why would he after years of getting the poo beat out of him in Detroit 

the reason I am concerned about Rhule is Oline and QB.  He seems to think he can put athletic tape on mediocre players,  coach them up and send them out and viola, a team is born 

it was the third RD before he bother to draft oline 

we best hope CMC is back out there or this season is over as he makes up for a lot of flaws with quickness ie covers for sam’s decision making, the oline flaws etc

going into the team store Monday was sad. 75% CMC, 22% the soccer team and 3% Darnold and a player to be named later 

If the Lions hadn't drafted Sewel, we would have. We know he was on the board above Horn.  

The first signings in FA were OL on the first day, and our results, at least so far with Erving are on par with other FA's.  They don't give a sht about his pff scores, nor should they.

We traded UP to get Brady Christensen at the TOP of the 3rd.  Meaning the value of the pick was actually higher than where we picked.  He is the ONLY player they have traded up for.  He is still developing and looked better than many rookies in their first game at tackle on the opposite side of where he's played.  

This notion that they don't value OL is just BS.

Had we drafted Tevin Jenkins, at 39, the spot we traded out of in the top of the second, we would be in a worse position, because he hasn't played a snap due to injury.    Trading down gave us Tremble, Chubba, and Nixon, who have all contributed. 

The only data Stafford had was the 2020 data.  We had a LOWER pressure% in pass pro than the Rams!   They had 16 more QB hits than we did. So what you are saying is Stafford looked and said, I want to get hit 16 more times a season, so Rams it is. 
 2020 NFL Advanced Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com

Had Stafford came here, we would have certainly drafted OL in the first, just like the Rams  did and Stafford could have negotiated that, and probably did.

Stafford didn't want to be here because
A)We were in total rebuild and he wants to contend
B)We are a small market team

The OL will be certainly be a priority this coming offseason.





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We value OL we just don't value the right ones and we gamble thinking we are ok with the depth players we have and it is that which has blown up in our faces. If someone wants to be a mouthpiece for the Panthers mgmt that's fine but quit trying to dictate the conversation we can get these excuse laden takes from the Panthers website if we want them.

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1 hour ago, SBBlue said:

Had Stafford came here, we would have certainly drafted OL in the first, just like the Rams  did





Correction.  The Rams didn't draft ANY offensive linemen this year and they drafted only ONE last year.  A guard in the 7th round.  Sorry about that.

Edited by SBBlue
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On 10/14/2021 at 8:47 AM, Mage said:

Good left tackles typically don't hit free agency.  That is why almost any OT signing that happens in free agency, is usually an "overpay".  Our contract to Matt Kalil was horrible because Kalil was a horrible player, but his contract lined up with what a lot of average OTs (like Nate Solder) were getting.

You're right.  A good OT just doesn't get released very often. 

Trades are not uncommon though.  I could see Fit cutting a deal.

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On 10/14/2021 at 12:01 PM, frankw said:

From whining to the mods about civility to posting cringy passive aggressive gifs comparing others to dogs. Nice.


From spending all summer telling folks to calm down and play nice. To this. Oh how the mighty have fallen. 


And you sure do quote him a lot. If you are so annoyed with him. Don't bother quoting him. Dang dude.


And calling out others for crying to the Mod is so funny. Pot meet kettle.

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