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Notebook: Christian McCaffrey "50-50" this week

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50 minutes ago, rebelrouser said:

Need him for what? To play at 50% in a rebuilding year so he doesn't get healthy?

Wasn’t that the story last year too? At some point he’s gotta play. Playing 10-12 games in a span of 2 years ain’t gonna cut it for a guy who’s got a $14 million cap hit next year. He’s amazing. But in order to be amazing he’s gotta be healthy and that has been a huge negative for the last 12+ months. 

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Sadly CMC is at the point in his career that he won’t ever be healthy for a full season.  It’s best to let him rest another week.  This team is not a playoff team regardless, so the more he rests the better. 

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3 hours ago, CRA said:

Well, I don’t believe anything Rhule says..

but if he is actually in the 50/50 area right now then I would hope he sits him this week too.  Hammys are too weird.  Not interested in getting back on the early side to just have it send him back out 

Sucks but totally agree

if he’s not ready, don’t put him out there

but we really need him on the field…at 100%

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All of this talk if CMC not 100 percent don’t play him is a bunch of poo what NFL players is 100 percent all year maybe a kicker. DJ is probably not 100 percent so I guess let’s hold him out any play Erickson.CMC is paid to play so put him on The field and win now or forget  about later in the year because this will be a loss this week also. I never seen a team want to hold out a player more than the Panthers do with CMC is this Rhule telling us the o-line is not good enough to win because even thought Hubbard has shown he’s a good back up he doesn’t have the skill to help open up this offense like CMC

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Let’s see if the Vikings do their players like Rhule does with CMC

Alexander Mattison DNP Adam ThielenDNP.   Justin Jefferson DNP Anthony Barr DNP Dalvin Cook LP.  we should win easily but the Vikings know take care of business this week and all these players will suit up game time

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