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What Panthers’ WR Robby Anderson hopes people understand about his outburst Sunday


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5 hours ago, top dawg said:

Robby had a bunch of receptions after week 5 last season, and had four games between 74-94 yards. And, remember, he wasn't that far off from Moore last season in yardage or TDs. 

So you jump TMJ (whom Darnold doesn't seem to be able to find accurately as well) and talk up Zylstra and Erickson as if they're really starters in the league...ha ha! If Darnold keeps forcing balls into coverage, not anticipating throws (much like his predecessor) that actually maximizes the short open window that's generally the norm in the NFL, and basically dealing with an OC who uses questionable route concepts to plan points of attack, I doubt Shi will be any more effective than TMJ, Robby, Thomas or Tremble have been. But, not to worry, we have CMC (until we don't) to mask deficiencies.

You have some valid points, but it's certainly not all black, white and tidy. 


I didn't mention TMJ because he's doing his job and as a rookie, he's still learning. Honestly, he's above where he should be expected to be. 

I pointed to Zylstra and Erickson simply to point out that there are warm bodies waiting for an opportunity. Old Sideshow Rob needs to work harder and yell at coaches less. He can be replaced by two dudes who don't have much to show, understand?

And Shi? Who knows what he can offer out there? Hope he does great but until he hits the field no one can really say. Getting higher marks than Robby right now wouldn't be that hard. 

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8 hours ago, glenwo2 said:

It's also on the QB to scan the entire field to find the open man.

From what I saw, he was determined to throw it to Robbie no matter what. 

Problem was...the Defense knew this already and that's why the game ended on that INT.

One can only lament the lost opportunities the Panthers had to ice this game before that crappy moment....


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I wish we had not paid him already and made him play out his deal. Robby is a guy that will only make most catches if he is wide open, with any hint of contact he will not catch it. He does not catch jump balls or contested catches. He is not great at catching quick passes either. 

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Robbie had a right to be frustrated. The DB's were sitting on our routes and zoning in on their timing. Double moved would've been perfect. The question is why did the coaching staff not take his advice/suggestion? It seem to me that Robbie is not a focus in our offense this season, which is confusing because we paid him...

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