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Cowboys Waive offensive tackle Brandon Knight.


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19 minutes ago, rayzor said:

If you fling poo at the wall to see what sticks, you're still going to be stuck with poo.

Sorry, just not interested. With this league being as OL needy as it is, unemployed OL are unemployed for a reason. They suck. We have enough of that here. Don't want more.


8 minutes ago, BlackPanther21_ said:

He could just be buried on the depth chart in Dallas with that excellent line they have.

Yeah, from what I've been reading the main reason why he was waived was due to them getting their starter back from injury. Tyron Smith is Questionable but expected to play and La'el Collins comes back next week from his suspension.

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1 hour ago, rayzor said:

Or, most likely, he just sucks. Because quality OL depth is so rare, you don't let it go...you don't just let it walk.

He probably does. But he might suck less than some of the guys currently on our roster because we probably have starters on our OL who couldn't make the roster in Dallas.

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21 minutes ago, RevJ said:

Don't you actually have to make contact with the guy you're supposed to be blocking to get the 1/4 second credit??

I think we give them the quarter second just for the DL having to sidestep the traffic cone masquerading as an NFL player.  It's like getting your name right on a test.  "Are you breathing and standing?  GG you blocked for a moment"

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As of 9/5/2021 the Dallas guard named Brandon Knight was not vaccinated (known because he had to serve a "close contact" suspension)...


It's become perfectly clear the time missed for covid++ players is the same regardless of vaxx status...

...that said, those who are pro-Knight you still want him if he's still un-vaxx'd?!?

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