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Who else is depressed about the Panthers?


Are you depressed about the Panthers?  

88 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you

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    • No
    • Football is football

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1 hour ago, LinvilleGorge said:

I stopped keeping score on the golf course. I used to be a pretty good golfer. I could flirt with 80 on your typical muni course. Then I had a kid and just had a whole lot less time to play golf since I prioritized hiking, mountain biking, trout fishing, etc. over golf. Now I'm a 4-5 rounds a year type golfer. If you're trying to keep score only able to play 4-5 times a year, you're just setting yourself up for frustration. I just play to enjoy shot by shot. I keep track of the birdies and pars and fug the rest of it. LOL! I'm just happy to get out there and knock it around when I get the chance these days.


Golf is nothing but absolutely terrific 

as long as you are not playing for anything or holding anybody up, you should play as you like for the pure enjoyment 

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1 hour ago, hepcat said:

I will say that after the Panthers embarrass themselves again today that this forum will be an absolute train wreck 

It’s a Panthers football board 

We want to win…and gag jobs like last week are gonna piss fans off

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1 hour ago, The NFL Shield At Midfield said:

I'm a millennial and everybody I know has been either drunk or high for a year and a half by now.

I don’t drink much at all anymore

but being a Panthers fan, I get it that people do

id probably be better off if I hadn’t quit

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1 hour ago, TheCasillas said:

A few years back, I was golfing with a buddy and I hit a slice into the woods off of the tee. I threw my driver toward the cart. My buddy came over to me and out his hand on my shoulder and said “you are not good enough at golf to throw your clubs.” 

ever since he has said that, i have used it toward everything around me that gets frustrating. 

So no. I’m not depressed. I’m actually excited. It’s not like we are a dumpster fire like the jags or falcons. We are at the bottom of the swell and trending up.

Lou Holtz used that line

said a pro told him he wasn’t good enough to get mad playing golf

its a good mindset to have

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2 hours ago, The NFL Shield At Midfield said:

For most people who are into sports the teams they like are a part of their identity to varying degrees, so yeah it sucks.

Probably around 2012 I changed my attitude a bit and quit letting it ruin my week when the Panthers would lose.  Partially out of practicality because boy, they sure had sucked for a few years, and it got old being miserable.  I think becoming more of a fully fledged adult with adult responsibilities played a part too.

e: also I think the Nakamura Incident broke me to some degree lol

Rivera killed any little feeling left the Panthers had at affecting my life.

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4 minutes ago, KillerKat said:

Rivera killed any little feeling left the Panthers had at affecting my life.

Also officiating. They still dictate wins and loses and the reason why I only watch Panther games. SB50 was such a blatant display of bias that the NFL allows. 

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