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Robby Anderson should be benched

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Just now, Harbingers said:

I would not be surprised if he asks for a trade if we bench him. The question is would anyone want that contract. 

No one will want his contract. He needs to quit being lazy and find his game again.

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16 minutes ago, Carl Spackler said:

He ain’t going anywhere for at least 5 years unless Rhule gets fired. Lifetime pairing with Rhule. So we may as well just settle in and enjoy Temple Owls football on Sundays. 

There’s a reason I don’t watch college until bowl season…

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Vilma is straight up clowning Robbie Anderson.  Darnold's pick was on Anderson too.  On a scramble drill you don't JOG back to the QB, you hustle back.  The DB was several yards back and had Robbie ran back to Darnold, the DB wouldn't have had time to jump the pass.

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Robby hasn't played well today. 

No, the interception was not on him, it was on Darnold. Don't be ridiculous.

Yes, maybe he could be traded, and, yes, someone would take him with the relatively cheap contract. Don't be dumb!

Even though he hasn't had a good game--poo happens--responses in this thread are stupid.

I am all for benching vets that aren't getting it done, but you have to have realistic alternatives.

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9 minutes ago, Mother Grabber said:

do we bench DJ now too?

DJ fumbled giving effort.  Amderson has hung his qb out to dry on most of his ints by doing the exact opposite.  That's not  even factoring his drops

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