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That's it. Tepper, Sign Cam or Trade for Watson.


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2 hours ago, saX man said:

My enthusiasm for Rhule as a coach has dwindled.  Fitterer and the Defense are the only things that really seem legitimate.  

The offense has never clicked since Rhule began at an NFL level and the ST (minus the one block today) has been bottom barrel awful.  

Today has been a big changing point for me.  Combination of playcalls, choices for offensive starters, and execution is bewildering. 

Well you gonna learn about fitterer.

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2 minutes ago, AggieLean said:

I still haven’t given up on Watson. Darnold hasn’t made it to where one could give up that dream/

Na just wonder what it'd take at this point to get him. He clearly is going to have to sit this year though. Maybe they would take Darnold in whatever the deal may be otherwise.

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1 hour ago, ncstatekwi said:

CaM is Done!!!  More focused on his entertainer and icon persona than a leader of men…plus he’s been hit too many times!

Just been hit too many times.  Anyone who questions that mans willingness to win has other agendas about him that go beyond football....your post pretty much shines a light on those.

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Why so we can barely make the playoffs and get a worse draft pick. 

Cam doesn’t know this system so you are looking at weeks before he’s ready and our OL is worse than it ever was with him so he’ll be broke in half within 2 weeks.

Watson? Hell no. As soon as we make a move for him the NFL will probably put him on the commissioners list to keep him off the field. Plus the media drama and bad publicity, no, just no.

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