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Donte Jackson needs to be moved to Free Saftey.


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Sean Chandler and Sam Franklin are not NFL caliber players and would not be rostered on any other team. Funny how they are both Matt Rhule's Temple guys and they're both dogshit. Juston Burris is a decent player but would be much better suited as a top tier backup. 

Moving Chinn to SS would allow him to utilize his skill set more. He isn't the greatest in coverage but would be well above average for a strong safety. We would be able to utilize him in the box more to help out in run defense. He was so good last year in his box safety hybrid role and it just seems like another case of the staff mismanaging players. He's an average free safety but would be a pro bowl caliber strong safety. 

That brings us to Donte. He has improved his tackling tremendously (aside from the occasional whiffs that we were accustomed to seeing in years past) and is a big hitter for a guy his size. His speed is among the best in the league giving him fantastic range. With his size as a corner though, he sometimes gets bodied by larger receivers where even with great coverage and positioning, he isn't able to make plays on the ball allowing untimely receptions. Having a fast, ball hawking free safety would do wonders for this team, especially with his ability to create turnovers. A starting secondary of Gilmore, Donte, Chinn and Horn would be one of the best in the league.

Donte may not want to make the switch but it is one of those situations where players need to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team.

Idk, just seems like it makes too much sense which is why it will probably never happen.

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4 hours ago, DJ feed me moore said:

lol donte is about to cash in on CB1 money, he wont be playing FS anytime soon.

You say that like there is a huge contract difference. Besides the top 3 corners that are major outliers with 100 million deals (Donte isn’t anywhere near the level of Jalen Ramsey) the top paid corners are roughly within a million or 2 in annual salary. The high tier corners are getting 16 to 17 per on average while the top safeties are getting 14 to 15.

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I'm down with going ahead and getting some picks for him. We are not making a run this year, let's get some ammo for the offensive rebuild. Any contenders out there looking for a CB? Could be a win-win for us and him. 

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