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REPORT: Texans have had serious trade talks regarding Deshaun Watson with Dolphins, Eagles, and Panthers

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3 minutes ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

They have better draft capital but we have better players (Donte Jackson, Burns, CJ Henderson, Gross-Matos) they can get in return for Watson. 

Gross-Matos would have very little value. We already know Henderson's value. After being a top 10 pick last year, he was worth exactly a 3rd round pick and a mediocre starter/good backup TE.

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27 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

PFT is just mentioning the Dolphins and saying a deal could get done this week.

All I'm gonna say is that as soon as a team tries to suit up Watson, he's gonna end up on the commissioner's exempt list immediately.

Id trade for him and ride it out

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15 minutes ago, CRA said:

I mean Hebert clearly looks awesome. 

But Tua’s start isn’t deserving IMO of what the Phins are doing with him.   Tua is actually off to a decent start.  Unless it’s a just health. 


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1 minute ago, uncfan888 said:

Guy I work with is a huge dolphins fan and he said that he thinks Tua has actually played well. But given the choice between Tua and Watson, you have to take Watson

I mean, unless you're a massage therapist just planning on giving a massage.

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What is important here is that after 6 games the coaching staff has realized that Sam Darnold is not the answer at QB

You can tell that Matt Rhule and Joe Brady are not comfortable/don’t trust Sam.

There is a franchise QB currently available that would thrust a team into instant contenders.

You can bet Scott Fitterer is doing all he can in an attempt to acquire Deshaun Watson and if it costs us Brian Burns/Donte Jackson so be it 

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12 minutes ago, Wes21 said:


Dolphins have spent months and months basically telling everyone they are done with Tua….

Tua’s actually gotten off to a decent start to his career.  That’s all.  Winning record.  Decent comp%.  Good TD vs turnover numbers.   He defiantly isn’t looking like a bust.  He just didn’t  have a Herbert, Cam, type entrance into his career. 

Tua might end up being the gold in the deal.  Not that I think he will be as good as Watson in his prime.  But he could be good….and actually available to play QB

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5 minutes ago, The Lobo said:

We only have what, three picks in the next draft and no OL? How could we get him and who’s gna protect him? 

Watson doesn't need protection.  He makes the massage girls bring some with them.

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    • I don't think it has anything to do with moving the team. The Market in the Carolina's is one of the fastest growing in the country. There is a reason Tepper is making the moves he is with the Rock Hill Complex and the MLS Team. In 5 to 10 years everything he is invested in will be worth double. He may not know football but this kind of business stuff is his bread and Butter and a major reason he wanted to buy the team. As far as the NFL and the football stuff, It all falls on Goodell and how much of a piece of human trash he is. It is the same story with Rob Manfred and the MLB. David Stern was in that same camp but look at Adam Silver now and what he has done with the NBA. The NBA is the fastest growing sport in the world and at the best place it's been since the world wide draw of Michael Jordan in the 90's 25 years ago. Even though super teams are still a think there are actual signs of parity now that haven't been seen in the NBA in decades. With all of the positive rule changes and things Adam Silver has done since taking over, He is easily the best commissioner in professional sports. Meanwhile guys like Goodell and Manfred are turning their sports more and more into the WWE each year while only caring about making the owners and themselves as much money as possible. They don't give a damn about the actual product they're putting out there. Player safety, cheating??? They let their public relation teams try and manipulate the media into promoting that these things are their top priorities and when these issues actually make it to the forefront, they show their true colors and do the exact opposite of what should be done and go back to their PR teams to sweep the poo under the rug while trying to pull the blinders down over their customers and players faces.
    • Basically dont draft a one dimensional player top top and a meh athlete. Fat run stoppers can be had rounds 2-5. Phil has look decent for example. Roy has his moments as well... But Brown... this I run a 5.2 whatever he did and I'm mostly a run stuffer but not really...is looking as busty as  42 year old mom on the rebound. Very dissapointed.
    • This coaching staff is too terrible for literally any QB/player to overcome. I've never seen anything like this in the history of the Panthers, even in our 2-14 season with a lame duck Fox. That team was bad because of Pickles. Insert Matt Moore or who ever at the time and that same team would have gone 6-10 or Panthers classic 7-9. People are mad because the talent on this team is good enough to make the playoffs. When you look at the roster it isn't crazy to expect playoffs even with a second year coaching staff. The talent on this team sometimes overcomes the lack of coaching and wins games. It was like Rivera's tenure. The team constantly won in spite of the coaching and when they needed the coaches to do their jobs ("cough cough" Super Bowl "cough cough') They failed the players every time.  4 QB's now and the same terrible results. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize what the problem is. Same thing goes for the defense. As soon as a team counters what our defense is throwing at them and they need the coaches to counter, they get nothing. Literally, our coaches do nothing, week after fuging week. I'd be more than happy to have Cam and Sam back next season to compete for the starting job as long as we have a coaching staff in place with legitimate NFL experience. 
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