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Mac jones


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2 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

The ole---"I say many things and when I appear to be right, I can't handle it."  Nobody endorsed Jones on here more than I did--and I have not made any similar comments.  Reason?  I know it is all a guess and subject to change and interpretation. 

Actually, I might have endorsed him a bit more. I thought he was the best choice of all the guys available after Trevor Lawrence. 

That being said, behind our offensive line he'd be dead by now. 

Bad organizations often kill top level QB draftees because they have not been able to build a decent offensive line. Brady, both Mannings, Roethlisberger, Rodgers have all been able to develop behind a decent to good offensive line. Had any of them been behind the kinds of lines built by teams like the Jags, Lions or Browns (until recent years for the Browns) they'd have all been written off as busts. 

Sadly, I'm coming to the realization that we're that kind of team. And it's not just bad coaching, but also bad management. Not only can we not pick good linemen, but we can't even seem to evaluate them, either as they come out of college (scouts) or from a medical standpoint (trainers, team docs).

Darnold is getting killed out there and he's acting like it. Lawrence, Jones, any of them would be doing the same. Not sure even Brady or Rodgers could perform under these circumstances.

Jones, in the end, had the best chance to succeed imho before the draft because of his experience, leadership and ability to deliver the ball around the field. He also had that calm, cool it factor. He will succeed the best and first of this year's first rounder QBs because, more than anything else, he has a decent line in front of him. He'll have enough time to not just make some plays but to survive long enough to learn.

Here, we won't have a QB look like they're worth a damn until we put together a line that could at least play in Div. III football.

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