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Matt Rhule being as honest as it will get


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13 minutes ago, CRA said:

Well, if I knew I wasn’t going to keep Teddy? Who was better and already paid for?    

I would have added Tyrod, Mitch, Gardner, etc (all better) and probably added someone in the draft.   And if I didn’t love Mac or Fields I would have still added QB talent.   And still might of carried 3 and paid and brought in some old vet to collect a check and help teach those of 2 guys about what  the NFL is all about.  

it isn’t just that they signed Sam.  They signed Sam as the only option.  Sam or die.  And Sam was just too comically bad to do that with.  Think that again points to what an inexperienced FO we have. 

Keeping Teddy wasn’t an option for Rhule.

So Tyrod who can’t stay healthy. Mitch who hasn’t shown anything more than Sam. And Minshew who is sitting behind Hurts. 

Got it. 

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12 minutes ago, Proudiddy said:

If we have a real QB, we would be undefeated right now.  Every game we have lost was because the offense couldn't pick up in the games where the defense finally gave way under the pressure of having to carry the team. 

It was cool watching the run game come to life again, and it's always a pleasant surprise to pound the opponent into submission like that and just take away their will...  but, it's also archaic.  It just sucks not having a guy you can trust to put the ball in the air.

Define 'real QB'. I assume you mean a QB that doesn't mind persistent pressure in the A gap.

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Opposing team's rushing defense should be a fairly good predictor of success going forward. 

Looking at our last 9 games:

  • Patriots - 16th (112.8 yds/gm)
  • Cardinals - 20th (120.1 yds/gm)
  • Football Team - 10th (102.6 yds/gm)
  • Dolphins - 19th (115.8 yds/gm)
  • Failcons - 24th (125.1 yds/gm)
  • Bills - 5th (86.6 yds/gm)
  • Bucs - 1st (78.0 yds/gm)
  • Saints - 2nd (79.4 yds/gm)
  • Bucs - 1st (78.0 yds/gm)

This strategy can work against the Dolphins and Failcons. I'll call those wins to get us to 6.

It may work against the The Cardinals, but this game will show Rhule how an elite QB can overcome this strategy.

It may work against the Patriots, but the coaching edge probably puts them over the top. 

It looks unlikely to work against the Football Team.

It's almost certain to fail against the Bills, Bucs x2, and the Saints.

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1 minute ago, unicar15 said:

TB wasn’t significantly better than SD and he was costing about 3x what Darnold was…

So ask yourself if keeping TB was worth being in cap hell or not having Reddick, Gilmore, Morgan Fox, Daquan Jones.

The D would be average at best and the offense still wouldn’t be good. So no…keeping Teddy was never gonna work. 

That's all about how you want to take it. Darnold is a little less than $5 mil this year but will be on the books for almost $19 mil next year. 

Teddy IS on the books for $17 mil this year in dead cap, versus the $23 mil he would have cost in 2021 here. Teddy would have been on the books for $26 mil in 2022.

All things being equal, we were able to jettison Teddy for $17 mil in dead cap for 2021 and 2022. His actual cost would have been $23 mil. Darnold's actual cost and dead cap will be the same if we jettison him after 2021, $19 mil. 

So the difference wouldn't be as large as it seems on paper, because only about $10 mil was left in guarantees on Teddy's deal, plus the prorated bonus dead money which was the other $7 mil. Darnold came in with $24 mil in completely guaranteed money. 

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23 minutes ago, 45catfan said:

It got us a W yesterday as opposed to Darnold throwing 40 times a game ineffectively in a losing effort.  Sometimes going back to the basics works.


A win, is a win. I am not going to dissect it. I am going to enjoy it. The optimal word being enjoy.


Folks pretty much thought we were a 5-9 win team to start the year. That all they wanted was improvement. Well here we are at 4 wins. Seems like we are right on track. 

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33 minutes ago, TLGPanthersFan said:

I imagined a team with a high powered offense and a competent defense when Rhule was hired. 
Instead it is a high powered defense and a bait competent offense. 
We are stuck playing 1950s style ball. 

Nothing wrong with 1950s ball if you win

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