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Is this Sunday’s game second most anticipated home game in team history?


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5 hours ago, Catsfan69 said:

I'd say 3rd most regular season game.

1st game in Clemson 

1st game in Ericsson 

Superman Returns 

this, if the playoff games are put to the side I would put it 3rd.  

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My order would be.

1. 2013 the Panthers take on the Saints for ownership of the division, this game was the marked the first time in the Rivera/Cam era that the team a clinched playoff spot. Keuchly had about 100 tackles.

2. 2008 Panthers welcome the Bucs to BOA stadium with the division crown on the line. One of the best rushing displays in Panthers history took place by DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. 

3.  2021 Cam's return should be electric this Sunday Panthers have a good shot of going on a run it starts this Sunday, the energy will be crazy. 

4. 2011 Rookie sensation Cam debut against Super Bowl champions Green Bay. 

5. 2003 week-2 Panthers put Super bowl champions Tampa Bay on notice that a new king of the South was emerging after a week of trash talk fest between Warren Sapp and Kris Jenkins. 

Honorable Mention:

2013 Monday night against Patriots, Panthers riding a 9 game winning streak.

2009 home opener against Philly, wanting to erase the playoff debacle of last season, Delhomme follows up with a encore performance. 

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eh. maybe for people who only follow this team due to cam it is. they’ll downplay the only 30% of franchise history they have a clue about

for Panther fans, there are several before it especially including playoffs

i was more hyped for cams debut in 2011 than this game

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TBK .. I often align with your posts, except when you change teams.  However, not this time.  More like infusing some oxygen into a vacuum.  There have been much bigger moments ... probably not even top 10 in my opinion.   As often is the case, being the contrarian is not popular until it becomes a reality.  Cam is a good move ... but not the answer.  Let's see a couple full games vs a few snaps.  

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I think it is important to mention there is an amazing amount of pressure on Cam in this game.  Is he an NFL level passing QB right now?  If he succeeds in this game it will be astonishing.  He just fuggin got here in football terms.

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