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How does this Cb situation play out going foward?


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6 hours ago, Moo Daeng said:

Then stop calling others who want the same huggers.

I will forever give poo to the people who trash everyone but Cam. There are fans of the team and fans of Cam. The latter are the Nuthuggers who are just obnoxious. Everyone has to be less and not work out because they see zero fault in a man who has fault. 

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I like DJax but as others have said he’ll probably want more money than he’s worth to us with all our talent at CB. He’s young and very good, which means he’s going to get the highest CB money ever. I’d rather our cap money go to Reddick, Moore, and signing OL (and Gilmore if he can be had for less). 

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On the one hand, I'd love to keep a homegrown CB for the first time since, what, Gamble?

On the other, Jackson reminds me too much of Norman: inconsistent play mixing unremarkable play with highlights periodically.

That and the injury history says, to me, some kind of a tag at best if we keep him another year or two to help develop the younger guys then let him go, hopefully in a trade sort of thing to get some draft capital back.

Particularly in this coming draft I think that'd be my choice.  Tag and trade.

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13 hours ago, SOJA said:

Reddick has to be a priority, outside of Shaq he's been our best defensive player

I think Gilmore will be more affordable than Donte weirdly. 

I think that’s most peoples thought process. Donte keeps playing at his current level with his tackles for loss, speed combined with his age he will probably be the top free agent CB . If that happens I rather take Gilmore for around a 3 year. 

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They should go forward next year with expectations than Horn and Gilmore are the outside corners. Maybe extend Gilmore 2 years, that could work for both sides since he wants to get paid. 

Taylor could be the third corner. 

Donte didn't get good til this year and still, he looks like a guy to cover fast dudes and not goof route runners. I'm happy he's gonna get paid somewhere but the Panthers should let him test the market before overpaying. 

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