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Our remaining schedule


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We are 5-6, we realistically need to be 9-8 to have a shot at a wildcard. Do you think with out remaining schedule we can do it? We would have to sweep NO and beat the Bucs at least one. 


I think with the explosiveness we saw from Cam, and gettting healthier, we can make a push. I have a very hard time believing we will go into Buffalo and win, or sweep TB, but the others look largely winnable. All comes down to this teams perseverance, and coaching (unfortunately). 


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Just now, pantherj said:

Buffalo, and the two TB games will be losses imo. That's 5-9. The other games are 50/50. I think we're probably headed to 7-10.

Still the main point is even if you grant 9-8 the other teams there have already beaten us and would have the tie breaker. its not just one team either, its not just two teams either....all this playoff talk is just arbitrary numbers without consideration of any other team and whats actually going on elsewhere in the league.

49ers were out of the playoff picture until recently too and are there above us too at 5-5

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I've got Miami, Atlanta and NO, that's it.  Now knowing us we will lose one of these and pull an upset versus TB or the Bills.  Any way you slice it though, I can't get us another 4 wins.  Yesterday was about as much of a lock of a win as there could have been.  We pissed it away.

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1 minute ago, LinvilleGorge said:

9-8 would still be dicey. We can probably only lose one more game and have a legit good shot at the playoffs. We lose two and we're gonna need a lot of help due to tie breakers.

And the team that just beat us isn't out of it yet either. As they said on the broadcast we have the hardest remaining schedule and WFT has one of the easiest left. They are 4-6 with Seattle, Raiders, EaglesX2, Dallas, and Giants.

If the WFT that stomped Tampa and beat us shows up they are 9-8 if you just hand them 2 Cowboys losses and have the tie breaker over us.

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10th now from 7th to start the week. This is one of the craziest years though with so many teams with the same record or within 1 game of each other in the middle of the NFC. Usually you have a number of 2-14 teams or 4-12 but a lot of 5 win teams already.

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Just now, countryboi said:

with how messy every team is this season, we can win every game and lose every game. I dont like the idea of listing games as automatic losses or wins because thats how we lost yesterday.

Some teams can happily do that and be more correct than not. The Panthers have only been that team one year at all in their existence.

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Just look at the size of the offensive lines and the running backs of the teams we are up against. 

I'm looking at that schedule and saying we beat the Falcons, the #28 rushing offense. The Saints sit at #25 but they are better than that. Miami is at #22 and that could be problematic. The WTFs vaulted to #20 based on their performance against us.

If we can't stop the run, it won't matter if we have Cam in at QB and CMC as RB. Those guys will just stay on the bench while the other team walks up and down the field, eating the clock and putting up 24-28 points.

We've been found out and exposed. And we don't have the offensive line to post much more than 21 points, much less a receiving corps. DJ Moore is our only reliable receiver not wearing the number 22. 

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