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So, are we competing or rebuilding?


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7 minutes ago, PghPanther said:

Worst situation.......they are trying to compete while trying to rebuild at the same time.

A good way to remain mediocre year after year.....indefinitely. 

Its the old take a crap or get off the pot.

You must be a Pirates fan too. They spent two decades doing that and never made the playoffs once. 

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On 11/23/2021 at 9:50 AM, TheMaulClaw said:

By the time they get all the pieces together and on the same page the season will be over.  That said, I think the CJ Henderson move will pay off even though it was frustrating short term.  Bringing in Gilmore was a no brainer, and bringing Cam back was the right move. 

Even missing the playoffs with Cam tells me he's coming back next year.  It's a head start to know the offense. 

So bring back Cam, and Gilmore.  Sign OL and DT.  Let DJax walk.  Get Horne back.  Sign TE and we're looking pretty good for next year.


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The Panthers 3 major problems are:

1. Snow underestimating opponents and calling plays with the lead in hopes that the opponent makes mistakes.

2. Brady getting cute with play calling when the Panthers are tied or have the lead.

3. Rhule for not holding coaches accountable for their mistakes, not prepared to make coaching calls at critical moments of the game, and forcing adjustments to be made in game by coordinators.


All the player issues and deficiencies are secondary to the coaching problems. The Panthers have the talent to be a playoff team and may now have the leadership to be a championship team. The Panthers are capable of getting the lead on any team in the NFL. The issue is the coaching allowing opponents to remain in the game with their decisions and play calling. These coaches also seem to think NFL players can keep being turned on and off over the course of a game with little impact to momentum. This is not college where you have dominant players against sub par players. Every player is good enough to be dominant in the NFL and maintaining momentum is key on the NFL level to maximize the talent of the best of the best. Strategy, momentum, adjustments, and timing/time management are much more critical from NFL coaches. The Panthers coaching staff regularly fails at all four of these aspects and has yet to put a complete coaching game together in two seasons.

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