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"If we just do our jobs on defense, the defense works"

Carolina Panthers

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11 hours ago, mc52beast said:

That’s funny because every time we play a power running offense we get embarrassed. 

This "power running team" thing has been said multiples times, about the Washington team.
Why is that? Their running schemes were mostly Zone Blocking, totally different from the Dallas' game

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The defense kept misfitting on the runs against Washington. Snow was making the right calls, but the players were getting confused and not filling the gaps. What's worse is that the practiced for the runs that Washington would use and the players still got mixed up on Sunday.

To make matters worse the secondary was also in busted coverage a lot, and this led to Jackson being hung out to dry when he thought he had help over the top. Even worse is Jackson was screwing up as much as the usual suspects.

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    • I’m sure it’s the same for most quarterbacks.
    • Can someone tell me what Daley has done to earn the LT spot? He was just shoved there by the coaches with no prior work there. This blunder is about to make me snap with this staff. BC has proven more than Daley that he is the better LT. Miller also should've never been put back into the starting lineup. If this oline continues to be the reason why we dont have a respectable record at the end of the season, clean house again. This is inexcusable. Many on the huddle had a better idea on what the lineup should be at the start of the season than the coaches that have been watching them all offseason.
    • This guy is likely more upset about the loss than the Cowboys players themselves.  Football players that were handsomely paid, win or lose, and returned to their McMansions where they enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with their family and friends never giving this irate fan a moments passing thought.  Meanwhile, this Cowboy fan is behaving like a child and insulting the only people that cared enough to ask him to dinner. Tragic 
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