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Happy Thanksgiving! What Panthers related thanks are you giving?


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I am thankful for all the outstanding athletes and men who have made the Panthers worth watching over the years. No such list would be complete without the incomparable Sam Mills, who gave the new franchise everything he had and set the tone for all those to follow, and also gave it it's identity and motto with his unforgettable Keep Pounding speech. If there was ever an easier man to pull for than a 5'9" Pro Bowl linebacker who carried himself with grace, class and dignity in everything he did, teaching, uplifting and supporting all those around him even as he fought cancer to his very last day, I can't imagine who that might be.

Steve Smith Sr.'s fearless play, otherworldly athleticism and world class trash talk made you wanna watch every Sunday to see what he would do.  Luke's ungodly ability to diagnose plays and then go blow them up made us all howl his name like Darth Vader stoned on peyote. And of course Cam, who on top of having completely unfair and cheat mode like athletic gifts, made his teammates and everyone watching remember the pure love of the game with the sheer joy and infectious enthusiasm he still plays with to this day.  May his heart never grow old like so many do.

These are the first few that spring to mind but by no means the only. I've got food to prep, otherwise this list could go on all morning, but I'm thankful to have had the team to pull for all these years even when they're frustrating to the point of maddening, because also...

I am thankful they are not the Browns.

Or the Jets.

Or the Jaguars.

Or the perpetual slow train wreck in motion that is Dan Snyder's football team.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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I am thankful for the fact that we have a GM who is aggressive and trying to make deals.  I am not going to judge him after 1 year--he knows we need an OL and MLB and maybe a FS.   He will re-sign Cam, Reddick, and the rest of the offseason moves will tell us about him.

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