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everyone bitching about the offense and this coaching staff, remember...

electro's horse

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10 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

I've had questions about the defense for several weeks.

Around week four or five, teams figured out they could blunt our pass rush by going max protect or just keeping extra blockers in but still have open receivers.

They also caught on to the fact that Jermaine Carter is only an average at best MLB so targeting his area on run or pass plays paid dividends. Safeties weren't much better, sadly so the middle of the defense just isn't all that scary a place.

Chinn is still good but he's not a true free safety. He'd be much better suited to either a strong safety role or an outside linebacker spot. I'd argue he's not that undersized for such a role (his rookie year showed that).

Also don't buy the argument that it's all because the defense is worn out from being on the field too long. Unless your conditioning is absolute sh-t, that's something that should only start being a factor somewhere in the second half. Starting with the Cowboys game, we've seen defensive breakdowns starting well before that.

Bottom Line: Our defense has been overrated for a while now.

This is where I'm at.

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I agree our defense could be better, it always can be, but overall, it's not near the problem our offense is.

Points scored last year and this year, 24th and 23rd.

Points allowed last year and this year, 18th and 8th.

Plenty good enough for us to win with a good offense.  Fans get unrealistic and expect you to hold every team to less than 14 points, just doesn't happen for most teams.

Weve had 3 games where we gave up 30+ points.  The 5th, 6th, and 7th best defenses have each had 2.



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From what I have seen out of the last 2 games  Offense doesn't have enough playmaker and coaching sucks. Somebody in the Wrs group needs to step up and want the ball. Seems like nobody wants the ball. We have no tight end. Most teams do.  I  mean Cam contributed majorly to the Dolphins loss but. He was due to have a very off game. Cmc bound to break again bc of the type of plays he runs. Need a true piwerback.

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To me, the defense is been built oddly. We have amazing on the outside but mediocre middle. Great CBs are worthless if the middle is a shell, and I truly believe that is more of what teams have figured us out on. Like Mr. Scot said, our biggest weakness this year on D is MLB and the Safety positions. In the beginning of the season it looked like the Safety spot might hold up, but then the reality was we played awful teams with terrible offenses. Also, it does not help matters when your interior DL seem to have just checked out completely. We have some young untapped potential for those spots, but as a group they seem to be mailing it in. The more I think about it, you all might be right, gut the entire coaching staff....Way too much talent to be this bad. 

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On 11/29/2021 at 8:48 PM, electro's horse said:

they built this defense.

Players on this defense from 2019 are who, Burns, jackson and Thompson?

Overall, is anyone really complaining about the defense? 

Careful what you wish for...

Leave Matt. Get off the huddle 

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This thread screams, “im okay with mediocre.” It is possible you know to have a good offense and defense. We have been to the super bowl twice and playoffs 8 times. We aren’t trash. I’m sure glad we fired Seifert and wasn’t like “gee we could have went 0-16 instead of 1-15”


We don’t even need a good offense, we just need a functional one. Our defense also isn’t that good, our defense from 2013-2017 would wipe their ass with them. We are just good on the edges and don’t have Troy Pride in man coverage anymore. In case you haven’t noticed our defense chokes. This team is dysfunctional. 

Be the fugging Carolina Panthers and hire an asshole defensive coordinator for a HC role, bring in some guys that understand the NFL, get some real line backers in here and not these bean stalks we have, get aggressive, run the ball down peoples throats, and take all these analytics and shove them right up David Tepper’s ass.

Jesus, I found the wine and cheese crowd.

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On 11/29/2021 at 8:03 PM, electro's horse said:

maybe WFT, sure. But as I said Heineke just went saiyan on them.

Philly? Panthers defense ended that game how many times? Not their fault the panthers offense couldn't hold on to the ball.

and when in the world could they close it out against minnesota? was it when the panthers were down 17-25 going into the fourth?

They gave up almost 600 yards to Vikings

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3 hours ago, NanuqoftheNorth said:

As time goes by that vaunted defense doesn't appear as good as advertised.

In the final analysis, this coaching staff has proven incapable of putting a winning product on the field. 

That is all that really matters.

This is where I disagree.

The defense haven't been great, like we initially thought.  But they've been good.  If you take away drives less than 25 yards (aka drives where our offense crapped the bed) we gave up 20 points last week.  Likewise, 24 the week before on the same metric.

These are not outstanding numbers, but even so they are borderline top 10 defense numbers.

Imagine how much better they could be if our offense could, you know, sustain a drive.  I don't understand how we currently average 4 yards per carry over the season but we can't do something simple like sustain a drive.  Doesn't that come down to play calling?  Are we just getting too cute?

Our problems earlier in the year were just about stuffing the ball in when we got close.  Well, we solved that issue.  Now we can't get down the field.  Something is broken on the offensive side of the ball.  Our line is terrible, yes.  Our QB situation is quite murky.

Consider however that our offense has the second most third down attempts in the league.  Something is wrong there.  WHY are we constantly in third down?  Being the third most penalized team in the league doesn't help.  "Don't beat ourselves" right?  🙄

Our defense has faults, yes, but they are miles ahead of our offense.

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On 11/29/2021 at 9:02 PM, Eazy-E said:

There is a ton of talent on defense. That Talent is has been able to overcome poor coaching more times than not. When the defense needs the coaches to help them make adjustments when things aren’t working it has failed them every time.

I think Snow needs to get his happy ass down on the sidelines and pretend to coach his players.  .players screaming at each other isn’t fixing their mistakes . 

Same with Brady though he is a total lost cause 

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