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Nope. No thank you. I prefer the movie.


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On 12/3/2021 at 3:02 PM, Captroop said:

Appropriate because I always think about "Measure of a Man" when I see videos like this.

I think making humanoid robots is incredibly creepy. I'm totally okay with the Boston Dynamics approach; making robots that look like machines and are designed to efficiently do a job that replaces human labor.

But when you make a robot that looks and acts human, well, there's no way around it; you're making a slave. You're creating a second class person who can do work you don't want to do. A person that is your property who you can command without them having the ability to refuse. The word "Robot" even comes from the Russian word for, "to work."

If we're doing this now, I think we should go ahead now and start developing the rights of non-human people. Because every SciFi story know we will have to do it anyway. So we might as well do it from the outset rather than after the robot revolution.

Are you advocating for “rights” for machines? 

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