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How close are you to checking out?

Mr. Scot

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21 minutes ago, Mother Grabber said:

this offense sucks balls, but it’s putting up more points that 5 Fox offenses. the last year of foxball, we averaged just 12ppg. as sad as this offense is, it’s not even close to what that fool put on the field.

That was a totally different era of football

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Meh…panthers have always sucked this isn’t new to me lol

im sure the cam bandwagoners are in shock and disgusted…probably should’ve researched this team a lil more before following 

Now a few more years of this? Yea then we are on a new level. At that point I’ll just watch the highlights

and going to a game? Lol that’s not new either, hasn’t been worth it for over half a decade and over half a decade before 2013 and again before 2003

it has never been worth it for multiple years in franchise history, ala no b2b winning seasons

this feels pretty normal to me tbh barring it not continuing for 3+ more years

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I'll watch the Panthers as much as Redzone shows, much like I do now if the Panthers retain Rhule. I won't give up on the team for that.

Trading for Watson on the other hand would in fact end my fandom in the Panthers. I can't root for a team that gives the keys to the franchise to an "alleged" sexual predator. 

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24 minutes ago, Kraybrothers said:


tepper said it was not a 2 year fix… it takes time


does this sound familiar to you?

Sure does. Sounds a lot like when people were defending Michael Vick because "it really takes this many years to learn the West Coast Offense."

Right now, Rhule just needs a third year. And when that fails, he'll just need a fourth year. And so on, and so on, and...

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It’s hard for me to say because anything can happen. I’m sure I’ll be in tune somewhat but I won’t make my yearly trek to Charlotte for a game. The front license plate will stay on the truck. But I won’t go out of my way to make sure I’m watching the games next year. 

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