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How confident do you feel In the coaching staff going into the off-season?


How confident do you feel In the coaching staff going into the off-season?  

71 members have voted

  1. 1. How confident do you feel In the coaching staff going into the off-season?

    • Highly optimistic
    • Slightly optimistic
    • Meh
    • Slightly pessimistic
    • Highly pessimistic
    • At the point of not caring either way.

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I'll be shocked if this coaching staff can turn anything around. Multiple players talked about other players not buying in and committing completely. That's on the coaches. A lot of the mess we're seeing is on the coaches.

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I'm not confident in the front office, nor the coaching staff.

But strangely, I have more confidence in both than I do the ownership.  At least Rhule somewhat understands the game of football, he's certainly in over his head in the NFL, but he understands football.

David Tepper doesn't understand anything to do with football, the NFL, fans, histories of programs, local customs and tendencies, clothing, etc...

Nothing, the guy has proven that he's an unfit owner, and there's nothing that can be done about it.

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1 minute ago, Evil Hurney said:

Seems a bit early to ask this question considering we don't know who's on the coaching staff. This is purely a "Do you like Matt Rhule (and Phil Snow)?" question at this stage.

Asked the question before the scapegoat purge #2

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They came in with the intention of improving the defense first as it was in the worse condition. 

By season 2 they have built a good young defense who I'd expect to continue to improve.

They tried to improve the offense a little and the offense was terrible this season but I prefer to let a process move on a little further before committing to completely starting over again as is the most popular opinion around here these days. The offense does have some pieces already, they just need to sure up the OL to decent and get a system in place that works. Was that Brady's fault? I don't know. Possibly. I do know he wasn't doing what the coach was asking for and that's a bad sign. 

As for the coaching carousel, it's true that coaches can be scapegoats but it's also true that coaches are like players and you have to have the right ones. If a player doesn't fit in Carolina, it doesn't mean he's a bad player. Same can be said for coaches. The Org had 2 season to evaluate where they are and are responding to that as they should do. 

All evidence points to us having a patient Owner and an HC who is building patiently. I am a patient person myself so I'm okay with this approach. We will see what happens next season and likely the season after that before this question will really be relevant. 

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6 hours ago, jackson113 said:

Can only go up ……… right?……….hey guys?……….Right??

Oh no, there's still a long way down. 

Maybe they turn things around and the process works out. 

But two years in, we have the same problems and they applied the same answer each time: Use Temple and Baylor players/coaches like duct tape and hope it holds together.

They've pretty much run out of those guys, so now they surely have to do something different, right? Right? Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it.

Right now, I am predicting that they will trade away at least two star players and multiple high picks to get DeShaun "Happy Endings" Watson here, then trade heavily to get (not get back into) the third round so we can finally make a pick for a center with abnormally long arms. That'll be followed up by some outdated Jay-Z platitudes and a sign you have to run to in practice called "99 Problems".

poo is going to suck next season. Hope Rhule proves me wrong.

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