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Multiple analysts ridiculing Rhule's comments

Mr. Scot

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2 minutes ago, PNW_PantherMan said:

And to think Tepper didn't want to embarrass himself by firing this clown after 2 seasons.

Well jokes on him. He's going to go down as one of the worst hires in the NFL in a very long time. 

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8 minutes ago, mav1234 said:

I mean is this a surprise?  It took colossal failure and multiple injuries for the LT we drafted to see the field because he also isn't the ideal LT size or whatever.

fuging Rhule, man.  Dude couldn't help himself.  Could just have said we took the player we had rated highest, had to dig himself a fuging hole lol

Thank God he dresses like a slob and was a short-order cook, the two most important qualities for a legendary NFL coach, GM and director of player personnel.

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Yup they sure got him good

He’s over there crying over his 8.5 million salary that all of them combined could only dream of.

Dude doesn’t care about their comments. He’s terrible at a job he never earned and gets paid like a king doing so. He’s made it.

Any rational group would have fired him long ago but instead this team is just staying the course with him. It’s baffling

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7 minutes ago, Sgt Schultz said:

So apparently we are looking for the prototypical perfect physical specifications to draft OL in the early rounds.

There is a saying that the enemy of good is perfect.  We are proving that.

Yes maybe we'll take Evan Neal, but Rhule will insist on him losing 15 pounds, and then spending 6 months getting used to playing at his new weight. 

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1 hour ago, WarPanthers89 said:

We have become the new joke of the NFL. I can’t name 3 teams in worse shape than us. 

I can’t name one. 

at least other bad teams have some hope they can hang their hat on.  New coaches coming in.  And basically every bad team minus the Giants finished on the upswing.  

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