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OC Candidates Basic Info

Mr. Scot

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9 minutes ago, CarolinaNCSU said:

Scottie Montgomery is LOL bad.  

"Hey guys, Jonathon Taylor had a great year...who's his position coach? Get him."

This is definitely it.  And the “local guy” thing to stir up the fan base’s excitement.  It’s so painfully obvious.  

What’s Bobby Petrino up to?  Maybe he can get the whole staff to quit 

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One potential positive to hiring Kubiak...

We've heard that the new OC might have some input on the OL Coach hire (granted, that sounded better with some of the other choices). If so, then maybe Klint or his dad can talk Rick Dennison into joining up as well.

Scottie Montgomery might also have a guy in Colts assistant OL coach Kevin Mawae, but Dennison has way more experience.

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1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

So far, Groh is the only guy with more than a year of OC experience at the pro level (Groh - 2, Kubiak - 1, Montgomery - none).

(Kubiak can conceivably call on his dad, of course)

Mind you, this isn't likely to be the final list.

Didn’t Reich call plays that lead to the Super bowl…meaning, groh didn’t and the two years he did post Super Bowl they were meh

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1 minute ago, ECUPantherFan said:

It was truly incredible how efficiently he destroyed our program in 3 short years.  We are only now starting to recover.

Yeah, but he coached a really talented player who had a good season.

That makes it all better, right? 🤔

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