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Rashawn Slater named 2nd team All-Pro at LT

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5 hours ago, 4Corners said:

Rhule 24 hours ago bad mouthed Slater and made some sort of stupid argument on not drafting him.

Second team all pro at a position of dire need. Could have filled that spot for us for the next decade. 

Fire this bozo 

And it was so easy to find like 5 decent cornerbacks, who weren't even the problem on the defense. Teams quickly figured out they could run on our 200 pound DE's and throw the ball right between our linebackers all day long. Question is where would Rhule even play Slater? He'd probably decide he was a right guard behind John Miller on the depth chart

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4 minutes ago, SuperBowlBound said:

I'd trust this guy over Rhule making personnel decisions. At least we know he once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game - the city championship game mind you!


I would much prefer Al Bundy press conferences

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4 hours ago, mav1234 said:

Darnold is a veteran that just had one of the worst seasons of a starting QB in the NFL - his fourth consecutive case for being the worst starter in the league. Jones and fields are both promising rookies - one of whom had a better season than Darnold outright, and the other of which flashed great talent repeatedly, but is still raw...

You don't really know how good Mac Jones is, NE beat down a playoff team and he had 3 pass attempts

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13 minutes ago, Mainstream said:

You don't really know how good Mac Jones is, NE beat down a playoff team and he had 3 pass attempts

not knowing how good someone is, is still better than knowing someone is fuging garbage

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17 hours ago, ChuckWag78 said:

I know we love to pile on, but he was not the only one with these concerns. 


Some of you say that, and indeed it may have been true for some teams, but many teams obviously had an opposite opinion. Indeed, his tape was pretty stellar, and he handled pass rushers--including the premier pass rusher in Chase Young--like a grown man. Slater's body of work was simply great and more than justified a top pick for a team in need for an offensive lineman. That's just the fact of the matter.

Rashawn Slater's tape told a story, and guys like Matt Rhule were just too thickheaded to listen.

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    • I'd say Greg is probably pretty in tune with what Matt Rhule is doing here given his Carolina connections.  Plus, he knows what Cam really thinks about this joke shop.  and I think it was reported early that one of Rhule flaws was wanting to be too in control of every aspect of things.  So even if Greg isn't specifically talking about Rhule with the line of not telling....it sounds like Rhule is that type HC he is referring too.  For example, Rhule threw Cam hard under the bus for merely taking the built in audible on that 4th and 1 play.  Per Rhule, that should of never happened.  A vet and former MVP that knows short yardage as good as anyone....should of never audibled in that scenario per Rhule.  And it was built into the freaking play.  That just screams what Greg is talking about IMO. 
    • He’s talking about Martz for sure. Olsen hasn’t thrown and public shade at Rhule and co, yet. Some other former Panthers players have.  
    • Martz for sure. I looked back at the “mutual parting ways” reports after seeing this tweet and the notion I got was his release was purely about contract. Rhule still sucks.
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