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General playoffs discussion thread.


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Since I’m originally from PA and grew up rooting for the Steelers I’ll be cheering for them. TJ Watt with have to have the game of his life in order for them to win. Also rooting for Buffalo. Hoping the Cowboys lose to SF.

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2 hours ago, Briantx said:

Dallas will win this week but prob going down after that. But why do y’all hate Dallas so much? Just curious why America’s Team is so hated xD. Btw I like Sam. If y’all get a line he can work with and not get killed you’re gonna be da poo. Apologies from a Texan for Rhule. He was a hero in Waco but had stars in his eyes. Good luck to us all. 

Why many dislike the Cowboys. Surely you aren’t serious and just trying to see post like mine 🤣.

More than Jerry Jones, and the “media “ ( we really don’t want to watch them at 4 PM. Every Week.  But more than that,, is their fan base every year. 


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Bills over pats.  Bengals over Raiders. Chiefs over Steelers. 

Hate the Patriots.  Raiders are a tough team of misfits that are easy to root for but pulling for the Bengals to not bungle this.  

Titans vs Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.   Old school vs New school.  

The Eagles and Niners are hopefully gonna disappoint the BANDWAGON fans of the  Buccs and Cowgirls.  The Monday night game is what I'm affectionately calling the Charmin Bowl.  The Rams and Cards are both soft.  Just finesse against finesse. That said JJ Watt, AJ and Deandre Hopkins deserve some playoff success. So Cards over Rams.  

Packers vs Niners in NFC championship.  Rodgers going for a ring.  But I'm going for the Niners as a surprise team. 

So the Superbowl projection is not gonna excite some but Niners vs Titans would be cool for me.  Nightmare scenario PATS vs BUCCS or COWBOYS vs CHIEFS.  

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Patriots are going to wish they had Cam instead of Mac Jones for the playoffs. Jones has been struggling for the past month and handcuffed by Belicheat. 

The Patriots will have zero QB threat.

Looking more like Belicheat pre Tom Brady. I wonder how much he rode Brady all the way to the HoF?

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