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Panthers bring in Montgomery for 2nd interview


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10 hours ago, mickeye76 said:

I get it. You right.  Trust me I've been banging the drum for oline help for years.  Paradis was not the best center but he had some decent games despite injuries and age. So that position was given a bandaid.  Left tackle is what hurt the most.  Honestly after the debacle that was our Superbowl appearance and how Von Miller singlehandedly destroyed the left side we should have already fixed the problem.  The problems with QB and Oline were ignored.  Cam was obviously not the same yet we kept trotting him out there.  CMC was run into the ground but he was our only chance to be competitive. Olsen got hurt and yet we put him out there to reinjure himself.  This franchise has been mismanaged for awhile it's just all coming to a head right now.  Y'all act like this team was built to win when the current leadership took over.  It was a sinking ship. 

Von Miller destroyed our RT, you are fuging dumb as hell.

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I honestly don’t care about him at ecu. He was the HC not a coordinator. What he did as OC at Maryland is not good. It sounds like he really excels as a pro positional coach. Wish this was a legit staff and we brought him in for the WR coach position because I think he could do wonders for that group, especially terrace and shi. Hopefully at the very least he makes that group better. 

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4 hours ago, Paa Langfart said:

Lol.  Is that supposed to be an endorsement or the reason why he should be rejected?

It's whatever you want it to be. I just gathered information to better inform myself and shared it in case there were others looking for more than just incessant bitching.

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18 hours ago, mickeye76 said:

Way to be positive my dude. This exactly the kind of posts I'm tired of seeing. I watched the same games you did. It was bad, but I prefer to look at the positives.  What were they?  Defense had some flashes.  Luvu, Robinson, Shaq, Gross matos, Brown all had moments.  On offense Chubba improved, DJ was solid again and it was nice seeing Cam back.  We were held back by subpar QB and oline play.  I get that was the front office and coaching that screwed the pooch on that but y'all act like qb's are easy to find.  We gambled on Sam it did not work our, we will gamble again on a QB it hopefully works out.  4 more wins and we in different situation right now.  

The constant Matt Rhule pissy party is beyond tiresome, Id be right there with you if this wasnt a "2nd interview Scottie thread". I feel the outside factors are making most huddlers take it out on Rhule. And the fact 90+% of the amercian interwebz is complaining online too, has some to do with it as well. keep up the good fight..

8 hours ago, electro's horse said:

I actually think this is good? Dude has coached all over but the groups he’s coached have done well. 

Fitz, his bad is Jake vs Zona bad. Skip, logan, and Ruffin all won 8-10 games a couple times during their ecu eras. Most are recent times and made some mufflers car bowls too. Scottie didnt win over 3 games in a season over his his 3 year run. Maryland named him their 2020 OC and he was fired less than one year cause most of the O ranks were in 105 range. 

I think most huddlers could coach WRs form the best team drafting WRs 20 years running. Colts have a top 5 OL, best OG in the world, and motivated big ten RB. Besides with wertz as your QB, would you let him throw and fugup or get a few yards? Not saying he has no impact, just put in some great situations. 

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