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If a Qb is taken early, should he sit or compete first day?


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Is he ready to start or not?  IF the answer is no...so be it...if he wins the camp battle, then you start him.

Russ went in just after they had PAID a QB in Seattle, and whipped his ass in camp and was the day 1 starter, not everyone is capable to downloading the info needed to not completely just crash.

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He should sit in my opinion, I don't think it ever harms a young QB's development to sit them a year. However I'm not as sold on this being the only option as I used to be. If he was lighting up camp/preseason you roll with him, like the Wilson example above. Also Herbert initially sat behind Tyrod Taylor and then dominated his rookie year after the lung puncture fiasco knocked TT out for the year. Sometimes trial by fire is ok. But not if he looks terrible in camp/preseason and if our OL is trash.


There's no chance Rhule would draft a QB and sit him for a year though since he's on such a hot seat.

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Desperation doesn't lead me to expect to suddenly start seeing better decisions from this crew. Also, if Sam is still here the competition bar is real low. May god have mercy on that poor soul. 

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Cam was considered by most to be raw as could be and had back to back 400+ yard games to start his career on his way to ROY. Lawrence was considered the most NFL ready QB since Luck and struggled mightily albeit in a total dumpster fire of a situation. 

I think you play the rookie when you deem him to be ready. I don't think you gain anything by playing him prior to that nor sitting him past that.


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    • I personally think they should have moved Pride to Safety.  Plays well in soft zone coverage (facing the QB, in other words) and he has some speed and size.  Oh well.
    • well, he needs more than that.  He needs playcalling.   You can have a decent OL and talent....but if you are running a predictable and unimaginative O then your talent basically all gets downgraded.  McAdoo still has some legit redflags.  While Eli did have 2 great statistical seasons while he was OC,  McAdoo's head coaching tenure was defined by predictable and very unimaginative offense.   So there still are some question marks on if Eli (a SuperBowl/Pro Bowl ) QB simply took advatnage of OBJ being an intital problem for folks to cover and it not being create actual playcalling and scheme.   And it also makes me nervous the league almost deemed him unemployable until we gave him this OC job.  Heck, if Matt Rhule said no thanks to Ben twice being his QB coach.....then suddently his is good enough to be OC. 
    • Schuyler Callihan chimed in with a rookie Camp observation as well... They really didn't throw the ball downfield much with Corral over the weekend. It was a lot of underneath stuff and some play-action that had him rolling to both sides. When he did stand firm in the pocket, he looked comfortable. The five and seven step drops are something that will take some time for him to get used to, but this offense will primarily run out of the gun anyway. On tape, Corral had one of the quickest releases I've seen. In person, it looked even quicker. It's a natural, effortless motion that is something I haven't seen before. He was very accurate with the ball and on the few shots they did take downfield, he put it right on the money.  Link Not sure about the shotgun thing. I don't remember enough about McAdoo's offense to know if that's true. Callihan did also have this to say about first round pick Ikem Ekwonu's camp... Ekwonu already looks the part. It's easy to see why everyone in the Panthers' building calls him a tone-setter. There were a couple of times that he nearly ran the guy (another lineman) holding the pad into the ground. He's just a massive human being who has tremendous strength. He'll be starting at left tackle from day one. 
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