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Watson Watch Day 3 - The Reckoning


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3 minutes ago, Smithers said:

Not as bad as it would have been otherwise.  

The Falcons sit at 17 million under the cap - but that is with only 51 players.  They cannot unload Matt's salary, so they'll eat a huge chunk of dead money plus absorb 25-35 million for Watson depending on a new deal.  Plus they still need to sign several players to field a team, to include Fuller.  

Plus what's in it for the Colts or whoever else would take Ryan? Is ATL gonna give up picks to 2 different teams and eat a good chunk of Ryans salary? The 3rd team can just sit back and chill while the Falcons are in freak out mode trying to get something done

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Matt Ryan's contract didnt get processed, so instead of 57million in dead cap, it would be 40.5 million in dead cap. This will be a bunny out of a hat situation. 

Deshaun would have to really really really want to play in ATL, and sign a contract that would make his first year free for ATL to even compete in the league.

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1 minute ago, The Huddler said:

still no news...  20 mins if my life wasted since my last post

Dude all I've done is work and follow Watson news.  No video games.  No TV.  Just work and staring at these Watson threads lol 

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Watched lots of Watson highlights on YouTube after this thread - well Part Deux, actually - peaked my interest in his level and style of play yesterday. 

He does have some pretty spectacular plays, but the thing I noticed the most was that the Texans were usually losing when those plays happened. 

I’m not saying he’s a loser, or even that he is to blame for the Texans woes in previous seasons, but I do think we are overrating his ability to turn things around in Carolina. Is he better than what we have? Absolutely. But it is no guarantee that trading for him is the best thing for the future of the franchise. (Similarly, it is not a guarantee that not trading for him is the best thing.) So maybe let’s all take a step back from the ledge and not live and die with every tweet. 

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3 hours ago, uncfan888 said:

Can't wait to draft Malik Willis so we can choose a new qb in a few years

Well we could do it the next 3 years and still have more surrounding them and lose nothing we wouldnt have in the trade. 

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