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Watson Watch Day 3 - The Reckoning


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2 minutes ago, t96 said:

That package is trash lol

If that is their fuging package then maybe that tweet from Mac yesterday was true that we think we can pull it off without sending players.  That is fuging garbage.😂😂😂

Houston actually accepted that poo?

Yeah man, ain't no fuging way we offered any players then.

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6 minutes ago, Jackie Lee said:

One trade proposal that could unfold, if a deal is worked out with the Saints, would be a package of three first-round draft picks, a fifth-round draft pick, and potentially offensive guard Cesar Ruiz, a former first-round draft pick from Michigan, according to league sources.




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2 minutes ago, joemac said:

This poo appears to be over y’all. We got cucked by the goddamn Atlanta Falcons. I can’t believe it. I wonder what Teppers plan B is? It better not be Jimmy G that’s all I know. 

Yeah, no way he is coming here.  Mickey Mouse and Goofy could’ve been better interviewers

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4 minutes ago, DJ feed me moore said:

no news before 4 is bad for the saints.

Just because it isn't announced by 4, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Just like the trade deadline, sometimes deals get done and take a little bit to get announced.

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5 minutes ago, BurnNChinn said:

Damn I can’t take any more bad news lol

Thats fuging bullshit.  Dame with the "hadn't submitted the restructure yet."

This is all awfully convenient news they're getting.  The fuging NFL is garbage.

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Tired: Watson is meeting with a bunch of teams because he's indecisive and doesn't know what he wants, and that's why he keeps adding teams.

Wired: Watson knows where he wants to go but is meeting with a bunch of teams to create PR fires for all of his future competitors


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