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Watson Watch Day 4 - The Finale


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1 minute ago, CRA said:

All depends.  Who the QBs is and what the state of the Panthers are IMO. 

Right now we have weak coaching that is on the hotseat.    One that was suppose to be building this team from the ground up.  Change in coach next year only restarts that to a large degree.   Doesn't sound like the best time to be trading away your draft captial for the next several years. 

I was willing to say fug it all and endorse the big gamble pre scandal.  Because Watson is great.  I mean, I know that just as much as anyone here.   

but I think there is just the reality you now have to factor in the future lawsuits and all that happened in regards to Watson.   That makes a big gamble and even bigger one.   Plus, regardless, I think we now have to simply question some aspects of Watson.  Best case scearnio with his scandal is that Watson is a horrific decision maker in life.  Not really the ideal quality you look for in such a massive investment.  He also literally signed that massive deal with Hou and then demanded out.  Again, Hou was Hou.  Not like he signed that and something changed.    Even if it were true he was  100% framed by women all those women...it has highlighted some caution flags about a massive investment in him. 

I think drafting a QB made the most sense for Carolina.  And they probably should wait until after this draft and let our new HC do it.  I pretty much have accepted the fact the Matt Rhule era will be a black hole in Carolina's history we will all wish never happened and just have to accept that. 


Nothing is gonna happen to watson with these lawsuits. He’ll get a slap on the wrist suspension, write a check and that’s it. That’s the real reality of the world we live in. 

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5 minutes ago, GarthMcGrath said:

I don't believe this is true, but I just had a thought. Maybe Panthers were playing 4D chess the whole time. Met with Deshaun, agreed to bring him over but kept it under wraps, had Deshaun reach out to Falcons and express interest in heading home, get both the Falcons and Saints to mess up their preexisting plans, causing Falcons to either trade or alienate their QB, have Saints fail to extend TA, and after the damage is done just say "Carolina is my team". I mean, that would be absolutely legendary if they were able to do that, as well as low-ball the Texans by only negotiating with teams that can't put together good packages, meaning our trade offer may not be as generous as we thought!



The crazy noobs are taking over

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