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Watson Watch Day 4 - The Finale


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3 minutes ago, Navy_football said:

I think Brady's return put EVERY ONE else on notice. Whatever BS they were planning to go with before wasn't gonna work. 

I do feel like Matty Ice just took a huge slap in the face though. He definately isn't the reason that team is losing. 

3 of the 4 teams willing to entertain employing a sexual predator tells me that it's a cess pool.

It's a good point about Ryan - he's a borderline HoF QB. If you guys thought we disrespected Newton, this is a whole other level. 

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4 minutes ago, travisura said:

Yeah I've never bought that the ads here are based off of browser history. Linville loves to say that every time someone complains about them.

Retargeted ads pay the best so you will get a heavy dose of ads based on browsing history.

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Sheena Quick has quickly (no pun intended) become someone I don't bother paying attention to. She's clearly trying to milk this situation for more clout, and, as has been mentioned before, she seems to relish in the Panther's missteps.

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8 minutes ago, OldhamA said:

I obviously don't watch it, but is the MLS really that weak?

One player can make that much of a difference? 'Cos it doesn't work like that in the top divisions around the world. 

yeah, you add one unstoppable goal scorer, its changes the face of your team on the spot. It only takes one elite player. 

It doesnt work like aoround the top leagues in the world, bc those are all elite players. Here in the US we are a development league and castoffs. 

Players here make make chump change compared to players in premiereship 

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