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Rhule says giving CMC fewer reps at RB diminishes his value


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30 minutes ago, frankw said:

Nobody here wanted to get rid of one of our best players they either wanted us to use him intelligently or get value out of him while he still has some. That is what is best for the franchise. You should consider if you are a fan of the Panthers or a fan of one particular player because you sound like the latter and that's unhealthy.

I don’t think he was a Panther when I joined in 2009. 

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4 minutes ago, mc52beast said:

What value does he have if he can’t even play half of a season? Possibly one of the all-time dumbest things ever said by a Panthers coach. 

Thank you Dave for keeping him around another year.

Between this and his Rashawn Slater comments post season he's shown zero mental growth. If we have a decent season it's because Tepper has ripped every bit of control possible away from him. Now just take away his press conferences and let him be a glorified water boy for the year if you're too stubborn to fire him

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6 hours ago, onmyown said:

that is what makes cam special and he did not have a lot of options, their oline was good so why not

lastly Cam was a lame duck, everyone and their mom knew it

but to be quite honest I’m not sure what this has to do with the topic. Elite coaches know how to utilize elite talent

I thought your point had something to do with good coaches not overusing/overworking their key players, subjecting them to excessive wear and tear/punishment, etc.

The fact that he used Cam as a battering ram makes me think he wouldn’t be exempt from running a player like CMC into the ground.

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On 3/30/2022 at 7:36 AM, kungfoodude said:

I'm in a weird spot here because I actually agree with him. 

Honestly, the main concern isn't how many snaps CMC takes at RB but how many TOUCHES he gets at RB. Giving him the ball for 90% of our plays does its fair share towards wearing him down. He can still be in on a play as RB and make people question if he's getting it or somebody else. Especially so if we have more than one guy in at RB, which with Chubba and the addition of D'Onta Foreman we should be able to do.

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