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UNC vs Dook… ( it’s the off-season and the biggest game of the weekend)

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1 hour ago, jackson113 said:

Tar Heels just don’t have a bench…

They are also 10-0 off of four days+ of rest.

Every time Carolina has had a break they’ve come out and had great performances. Not saying that they will win but the Iron 5 will be competitive.

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Heel fan for life. Heels are playing with house money and dook has all the pressure. That said, dook has a pro roster and that will likely be the difference. K's coaching won't be a factor as he's not coached a team up for a decade. 

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3 hours ago, jackson113 said:

Tar Heels just don’t have a bench…

Those 5 starters outscored the Blue Devils by 15 in the 2nd half.  Davis didn't sub once in the 2nd half. 

Carolina plays smart and doesn't let Duke get them in foul trouble Carolina will win.

My prediction.  Coach K is on the Peyton Manning goodbye tour and will get all the fouls he needs against Carolina.  Carolina nearly got robbed against Baylor, refs can't let Carolina in the championship game.  

Duke 8 players on the court vs 5 Tarheels.  Duke gets a gimme. 

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24 minutes ago, jackson113 said:

Kansas gonna run away with this one

I think it was pretty obvious that Kansas was coming out on the right side of the bracket. I actually have Kansas winning it all, it just seemed like the bracket played heavily in their favor.

For starters, the Pac-12 always seems to perform poorly in the tournament so I don’t think many were expecting Arizona to come out on that side.

Some people had Auburn coming out but they had been playing mediocre basketball at best down the stretch.

The only true surprise on that side was Tennessee going down early, I thought they had a real shot at the Final Four with how well they had been playing (16 wins in their last 18 games before the loss to Michigan).

However, the left side of the bracket was a total clusterfug, Gonzaga never found their game, Alabama showed how bipolar they are, Baylor was missing key players, Kentucky poo’d the bed, Purdue picked a bad time to not be able to hit shots, and the only school besides Duke who has more fans in New Jersey came out of nowhere to make a run.

I don’t think anyone with actual knowledge of college basketball had both Duke and Carolina in the Final Four… yet here we are.

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