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Sam will get one more shot this year.


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Like it or not, that will probably be the way this goes. They rebuilt the line. If they draft the best LT available (or trade back for a decent prospect) also dropped a bunch of money on him with the extension.

Tepper invested the money and probably wants to get his dollars worth. We will see if this pays off. 

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Gotta make Rhule prove it with ‘his’ quarterback that he traded assets for, behind a rejuvenated line.  Dude can’t have a third quarterback in his third year coaching.  Win now or beat it.

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I don't want it, but that's the bed they made. They need to be forced to lay in it. These were the geniuses that didn't just waste multiple picks on him, but also picked up his fifth year option. 

Deal with it. Get it over with.

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It's the right thing to do at this point. I never wanted Sam, but it's time for his final prove it season. No more excuses. If he flops then we will have a goldmine of high draft picks going into the 2023 draft and that's huge. The defense is essentially built, the offense will be ready after we take a LT (except QB), and all we'll really need is one the top QBs in the 2023 draft. Then the rest of the 2023 draft can be used to fill in empty spots and add depth. That sets us up nicely in 2024 assuming the QB pans out.

2022 is just not salvageable unless Sam takes a big leap forward in play. 2022 is Sam's season. He decides our fate.

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