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Official 2022 Carolina Panthers Schedule Thread


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Just now, MHS831 said:

when was the last time we did not play Pittsburgh in the preseason?

Richardson always wanted us to play the Steelers in the preseason. I would have figured Tepper did too.

We are playing them in the regular season, so ..

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"Strength of schedule" is meaningless. 

We've won when we had a tough schedule and lost when we had an easy schedule. The NFL changes so much year to year it doesn't matter what last year's records are.

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4 hours ago, CRA said:

5-7 wins.  That’s about it.  Tougher schedule than last year too.  


4 hours ago, Waldo said:

So now we don't have to worry about Mayfield until after week 1? Take what you can get I guess.

That is a brutal schedule for us. 6 wins max this year.


3 hours ago, usmcpanthers said:

At quick glance, only see 6 wins on that schedule.............le sigh


3 hours ago, OceanPanther said:

5 wins & 1 of those will be an upset .

The Falcons had better be as bad as advertised 


2 hours ago, Luciu5 said:

I see 7 wins max. Definitely likely less than that if Corral is ho-hum. Or unless MacAdoo is some kind of secret genius.


32 minutes ago, AceBoogie said:


I find myself in this neighborhood.  7-10. Dysfunction is thy name. 

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25 minutes ago, Shocker said:

The five loses will come from 5 of our games

you said you saw 12 wins.  Just trying to figure out what you were seeing. 

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