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A really good video on Matt Corral

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8 minutes ago, Khyber53 said:

Verge knows more about draft candidates than 90% of the pro scouts do. 


39 minutes ago, Verge said:


Idk about that. I loved Sam Darnold coming out. 

Pop Tv Cringe GIF by Schitt's Creek

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7 hours ago, panthers55 said:

Of course I hope he is amazing and does a great job for us and becomes a fantastic starting QB. But until I see him in an NFL offense playing against NFL defenses, he is an unproven rookie who fell to the third round and needs a lot of work. Still color me hopeful that he can come in and learn the NFL game and start for us.  If not he is still a good value in the third and worth the gamble.  If we keep.rolling the dice eventually we will find our guy. Hopefully it is Corral.


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On 5/15/2022 at 10:27 AM, panthers55 said:

Yep. The draft really worked great. What if this is our year and the season went the same way. We are overdue to have some good luck for a change

I cringe every time I see someone say this about out team of black cats. . . 

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45 minutes ago, pantherclaw said:

I cringe every time I see someone say this about out team of black cats. . . 

I don't know if we can blame our mascot for bad luck but we surely have had our share. I could use some good luck for a change. 

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    • You need a more reliable source like a random guy who shares your political views on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube that “did his own research”
    • Still can't make perfect sense on this 3days later until it leads to either Gordon or Terry package trade.. If not this seem like another example of MJ being cheap AF..
    • You got to give them some slack. They thought they had their perfect coach in Atkinson and then they didn't. They obviously didn't want Mark Jackson and Jordan and Mitch oddly want to retain most if not all of the coaches. In their eyes they were jilted and embarrassed in public by this guy and the negative media afterwards. They turned to somebody they could trust, somebody that already wanted the job and wouldn't say no and has always been a coach that was good at making something out of nothing. I'm not mad here. The trust factor is already there. They really really know each other, Mitch has done waaaaay better than Cho. I would have gave Mark Jackson an interview but I understand why Jordan hired someone who would be more loyal. Unfinished business apparently. It is what it is now. Cliff doesn't shoot. I've already moved past it. You should too. If they sign Miles, Mitch has done well this off-season and this squad is automatically better defensively with 7'2" Williams and Kai coming into the lineup after killing the G League. Experience at coach is what we were missing, a young defensive big was what we were missing. Beelieve!  
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