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Round 2 Canes vs Rangers Game 1 Weds., May 18, 7 ET (ESPN)

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16 hours ago, Panthers Fan 69 said:

The haven’t played the chess master known as Rod. 

@Stumpy give us a new meme of the man. 

Coach was asked postgame about the lines and what went through his head...


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11 hours ago, Anybodyhome said:

So, here's what was going on with the lines. The reason for the shuffle became apparent in the 3rd period. If you liked at the time on ice for the Aho and Trocheck thru the first 2 periods, it wasn't their usual. But, keep in mind, the Rangers only goal came from their 3rd line. The matchups were dictated by RBA and it was evident come the 3rd period when the top 2 lines worth of fresh legs started flying up and down the ice. I'd really like to see the TOI per player-per period.

Jesperi, Domi and Lorentz only had about 10 minutes on the ice last night. Staal's line led the way with the Trocheck and Aho line coming alive in the 3rd. The Rangers were gassed after having the Staal and Jesperi  lines wear on them for 40 minutes- that's why you saw a different team hit the ice in the third. And where were the Rangers top guys? Fox, Kreider, Panarin, Zibanejad... yeah, they got shut down.

It was insanity in PNC last night. Despite the score being 1-0 Rangers, I think the few NY fans in attendance were surprised just how much noise can come from fans who are behind on the scoreboard. The Aho goal blew the roof off the place, just as we were nail-biting, looking at the clock and wondering how soon RBA was gonna pull Raanta for an extra.

OT didn't start all that well, either. Took a lot of grinding to get out of the Rangers O-zone and Raanta was looking a little frazzled.

14 shots after 2 periods for the Canes wasn't going to win the game. Meanwhile, the Rangers had 23 thru the first 2 periods- well above their average. But, come the third period, Carolina put 10 shots on net, while holding NY to just 4. Carolina was fairly even in the face-off circle, but, again, dominated the 3rd period.

That's it- a tale of 2 games- the first 40 and the last 23, including OT. It was a wild night in PNC, folks. Glad I took today off...

Are you saying that the lines were constructed to wear them down early and then open it up in the 3rd?

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4 hours ago, cookinbrak said:

Wouildn't that have us losing the Stanley Cup 4-2? 3 more this series + 4 next series + 4 in the finals would be 11.

no one ever accused me of being smart... lmao

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