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Dan Snyder might be ousted soon

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It benefits NFC owners to keep him around. The withheld revenue is a drop in the bucket to these people and letting him continue to mismanage the team benefits them more in the long run 

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I still would be shocked with more than a large monetary fine but it would be great to see.

So billionaires are only really held accountable by other billionaires...take what you can get I guess

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15 hours ago, GOAT said:

bingo, minority coach band aid.

Rivera is a good coach. He was hired because he is a good coach, not because he is a "minority", which I doubt 95% of people even think of him as. Would much rather have him with our current GM/Owner set up than Matt Rhule.

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Posted (edited)



I am doubting the other owners vote to get rid of Snyder. If the owners were really miffed about all this, he would have  been tossed in the trash faster than former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.

There's got to be more going on with the owners that is making them hesitant to be rid of him. What, I don't know, my conspiracy theory senses are going bonkers? 

I wonder if this is actually a common thing among owners, maybe? Who knows....

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1 minute ago, OceanPanther said:

I have my doubts that 24 billionaires will out one of their own.   Considering more that one of them have storied past.  ( Irsay, Kraft to name a couple ).  

If they do,, GREAT,,  but I really have my doubts.

Im still surprised Old Man Richardson was “forced” to sell the team. I think his announcement to sell the team was a PR move to get out in front of it and weather the shitstorm headed his way. I bet if he would have stalled and thrown enough money at it he would still be in charge. 

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17 hours ago, pantherclaw said:

Not even close. 

I'd put the Jags owner as the worst.  

But I mean, it's close if Tepper ranks around 30.  Which he does.  Soccer and Garth Brooks don't matter in this convo.  NFL team owners...Tepper is near the bottom of the pack. 

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If we were to rank the owners from top to bottom what are the grading guidelines? Winning, team culture, personal accountability, social justice/community activism, lawsuits pending, being a turd, etc 

Snyder is hands down the worst but it’s a toss up between Khan, McNair, Bidwell, and I’m sure I’m leaving off 2-3. There are probably far more shithead owners than good ones 

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