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Picard, Kirk, or Pike


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I'm really loving Pike.  Just the whole show is fun.  I love how the Vintage Style has been updated with the JJ Abrams look.  Just a pretty show to me.  There are some CGI issues with the space combat, but it's a weekly TV show, and as I'm learning, good CGI is expensive and hard.

I'm with you on Spock.  I'm just not getting much from him.  The show hasn't really given him much to do though so that is part of it.  You get his brilliance, but he's not as much of a check on Pike as he was on Kirk.  That could also be because this is set before James T Kirk is born, and Spock is much younger, more rigidly Vulcan.

I really appreciate how the show is leaning into what made Star Trek great which were those loosely connected episodic formats.  Each episode is connected, but also carries it's own story very well.  Instead of trying to make a multi-episode film like Disney+, or Discovery, it's very much about the problem of the day with the connections in the background until they are needed.

I like how brash Pike is, which makes me want to put him above Picard, but Picard was so consistently excellent.  Got to see how it continues, but I hope it does for a while!  Pike is a close #2.

Regarding Kirk - I'm torn.  I love the character from TOS.  Even Chris Pine has been fun in the role.  But the OG Kirk was a man from the 60s - which works in a lot of ways, and not so many others now.   He's just not cool in the same way to me that Pike and Picard are.  

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Pike moving up the charts.  This show has been so good imo.  I think Discovery gets some undeserved hate and it's enjoyable.  Picard season 2 was..... I don't know what they were thinking with that one.  But Strange New Worlds feels the most Star Trek a movie/show has felt in a long time.

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