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Horrible Time To Car Shop


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18 hours ago, cookinbrak said:

Not a lie. 2005 Chevy Silverado, good shape, $3,500.

No drivetrain.

Wow. Clown show. A decently running '05 Silverado with typical mileage should only go for $5k-ish in a typical market.

Hell, I got offered $15k cash in a parking lot a couple months ago for my '95 Land Cruiser with 384k miles but those are kind of turning into unicorns now and the whole "overlander" craze has made them highly sought after.

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I prefer to buy new vs used --- but primarily because we tend to keep our vehicles as long as humanly possible.  

Whether you go new or used, -- while it needs to be adjusted slightly for today's world, the goal is to keep the car long enough that it averages out to have cost just $0.10/mile.   


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5 hours ago, cookinwithgas said:

My VW salesman called me today, he said 2/3 of his cars are sold before they even get delivered off the truck, i.d.4 has a months long waiting list.

My buddy waited 8 months for a tesla.  Drove it 1500 miles in 2 months and sold it for a 14000 dollar profit 

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I saw someone selling 14 year old BMW 3 series with over 120k miles for $15k.  Mind blowing.  Also 9 year old KIA soul with 170k miles for $9k.

People are actually buying new cars, mark them up and trying to resell them for $10-$15k more.  Crazy stuff.  Market is not normal at all.

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33 minutes ago, Ja Rhule said:

I saw someone selling 14 year old BMW 3 series with over 120k miles for $15k.  

Any German luxury vehicle that's over 5 years old and/or has over 75k miles on it... don't walk away, fuging RUN.

A college buddy of mine's dad managed a DC area BMW dealership. His old saying was "if you can't afford a BMW with a factory warranty on it then you sure as hell can't afford one out of warranty."

A former neighbor had an Audi that lived in the shop. It was probably only 5-6 years old and had under 100k miles. He said it couldn't enter the shop without at least a $1500 bill. He traded it for a brand new loaded Chevy Duramax diesel. He swore the payments on that truck totaled less per year than the maintenance on that Audi. 😂

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