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Add sexual assault to the Dan Snyder allegations

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On 6/21/2022 at 10:07 PM, 4Corners said:

NDAs need to be illegal in this country. All they are is a get of jail free card for wealthy people. I can’t think of any situation where an NDA is ethical or reasonable. 

How about top secret military projects?

A brand new world changing invention or proprietary intellectual property?


All sorts of reasons to have NDAs and if she didn't like the NDA don't take the 1.6 million. 

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1 minute ago, Carl Spackler said:

He ain’t the right pigment. If Tepper fired Matt Rhule and rehired him it’d be genius bc it’s The Appaloosa Way.

Lebron is now a billionaire and looking to own part of a team. I can already tell you how he feels about that. It’s pretty sad for someone to be so pathetic and predictable…

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The allegations that have been made against Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder in recent months are disturbing and strange. However, a new anecdote revealed in the testimony given during this week’s House Committee on Oversight & Reform hearing adds a strange and petty new wrinkle.


One of the people that the Oversight Committee spoke with as part of their investigation into sexual harassment and other allegations was former chief operating officer David Pauken. Pauken testified about various transgressions, but one incident, in particular, caught people’s eye on Thursday.

“According to Pauken’s testimony, Snyder had an employee secretly pour milk on the floor in Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner’s FedEx Field suite so that it would smell sour when he came to games because Snyder was allegedly upset over a deal between the two,” wrote The Athletic’s Dan Standig.

There’s petty and then there’s making an employee pour sour milk on the carpet of a suite.

While this might be a pretty wild and disturbing thing for someone to do, many people around the NFL world reacted by saying they’re not surprised that Snyder would do something like that, especially given everything we already know about him.

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