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Add sexual assault to the Dan Snyder allegations

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1 minute ago, Waldo said:

Shocked Saturday Night Live GIF

Considering everything else that has gone on up there it was just a matter of time until something shook lose on Dan himself. What a POS

He will just leave the country and head to Paris or Spain for a month “on business” throw a ton of money at lawyers and will be back in the owners box week 1

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2 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

I gotta believe he's gone.

Only question is how and when.

Most of this is not new. I suspect the NFL was not pleased at the reports of him hiding money and now they are airing his dirty laundry.

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28 minutes ago, 4Corners said:

There is a paywall what are the allegations? 

From The Athletic (Link)

According to legal documents obtained by The Washington Post, the woman alleged Snyder groped her, attempted to remove her clothes and asked for sex. The incident allegedly occurred on a return flight from Las Vegas on one of the team’s private planes following a work trip.

The confidential settlement was first reported in 2020 with allegations of sexual misconduct. The Post previously reported that the woman agreed not to share her allegations publicly in exchange for the $1.6 million.

According to a 2020 court filing, Snyder claimed the team settled at the request of an insurance company and described the woman's allegations as "meritless."

The latest details come less than 24 hours before the House Oversight Committee holds a hearing on the NFL's handling of its investigation into the Commanders' workplace culture. Snyder through his attorney declined to attend or participate in the hearing Wednesday, citing a prior overseas commitment. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to participate virtually.

During a February hearing, another former employee, Tiffani Johnston, accused Snyder of sexual harassment at a work function.

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Posted (edited)
29 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

Most of this is not new. I suspect the NFL was not pleased at the reports of him hiding money and now they are airing his dirty laundry.

I don't know that the specific details regarding sexual assault claim had been seen before. Previously it was just "sexual misconduct" which has a pretty broad definition.

Since the victim in this case had an NDA, it wouldn't be surprising if the particulars were hidden before.

Edited by Mr. Scot
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2 minutes ago, Riverboat Ron said:

They’ll probably just try to turn the narrative to her breaking the NDA and say she’s untrustworthy because she broke a legally binding agreement, ignoring the fact of the sexual assault.

NDAs need to be illegal in this country. All they are is a get of jail free card for wealthy people. I can’t think of any situation where an NDA is ethical or reasonable. 

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