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Defensive line

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25 minutes ago, Jackie Lee said:

So the Browns week 1 obviously. We know that's what they'll do especially with a backup QB, and won't be able to stop it

Yep, they currently have the #1 ranked unit. Should be a mauling.

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5 minutes ago, shaqattaq said:

Can't disagree that it has continued downhill under Rhule's reign, but the fall began when RR decided he would run a 3-4 D. And failed miserably with that plan.

It all starts with 2 big nasties at DT to suck up blocks. Brown has underperformed so far, but he hasn't had a lot of help in there.

That really was the start of the slide for the DL.  I'm not sure Rivera decided to run the 3-4 or felt like he had to because he had no answers and the owner liked the 3-4, but regardless, it was half-hearted with miserable results and effects that linger to this day.

As Mr Scot mentioned, the current regime seems focused on speed.  Problem is, in the NFL your OL and DL need to be able to control territory.  That involves strength and brute force more than speed.  Speed becomes more of an asset the farther away you get from the trenches.  Speed upfront, without brawn, generally gets a defense run over.

This is a big year for Brown.  He needs to assert himself, which will be easier to do if he is not the only DL the opposing OL has to worry about trying to assert himself. 

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We were 8th in rushing yards allowed per attempt at 4.1 yards.  The whole league sucks at stopping the run.

We faced the 2nd most defensive drives and yet saw 2nd fewest pass attempts on our D.  I believe that played a role in our low TO count as well.

Ioannidis for Jones appears to be a wash. 
Wilson should be better than Carter against the run, and  
Matos should be better than Fox against the run and in pass rush. 
Luvu was good last year against the run, but he can't pass rush anything like Reddick.

Pasqualoni has a lot more experience in the NFL coaching lineman than Okam (from Baylor). 

In general, I think teams are going to pass more if we don't do something to replace Reddick.

I do agree, that the Browns are going to run and run in game 1 tho.

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34 minutes ago, MasterAwesome said:

I hope so...that would have put us at 7th best rush defense last year.

Haha was thinking the same thing.  Either his math is off or he is a lot higher on our rushing defense than most of us

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5 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Rhule and Snow seem to prefer speed over power on defense.

I've got a bad feeling that's going to come back to bite em this year even worse than it did last.

That style defense never worked well for the Manning era Colts either.

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42 minutes ago, Aussie Tank said:

If Baker can put up points teams won’t have the luxury of running all day to chew the clock 

That's the thing.  With a retools o-line and Baker we should be much, much improved on offense.  Score more points and keep the defense fresh.  I think we may end up pounding the rock more than people thing. 

All of that really helps a defense.

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Not sure we can say much about the line until we start playing. There are many defensive ends who.played the run well and aren't any bigger than our guys. Strahan- 250,  TJ Watt - 251, Khalil Mack. - 247  Jason Taylor - 245.

Aaron Donald is listed anywhere between 260 and 280 at defensive tackle.  The majority weigh around 300. Even Suh as a nose tackle is only 313.  Now look at our players. We are just as big and strong. It is scheme and technique that make the difference not just size. Obvious talent too. But to say our front seven are small just isn't supported by the numbers. Our scheme was poor last year. When we would play Dallas and we had a big oline and good runners they would play 5 linemen with their hand in the dirt and go wide 9 to.push everything inside. How many times did we do that last year unless we were blitzing. None. We have the players let's see if we have the coaching.


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