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Panthers waive long snapper Thomas Fletcher

Carolina Panthers

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38 minutes ago, grimesgoat said:

Came in just to see stbugs declare his love for Trey Smith for the 400th time.  Was not disappointed.

I had to. This was officially my last hurrah. Cutting him at the start of his 2nd camp after an IR rookie year? I mean, it doesn’t get to a higher peak. I’ve climbed my Mt. Everest.

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2 hours ago, w280sax said:

Oh, I guess we'll get JJ's future replacement whenever we actually need it with an OFA.  That pick never made sense.

Also, it won't surprise me at all if this cut is temporary.  He may be back on the practice squad at some point.  Which is fine...i have nothing against him...just a headscratcher from the beginning.

I figure with the change in special teams coordinator there was a change in philosophy. Jansen shows no sign of slowing down. I also agree that unless someone is desperate to sign a long snapper he could be signed and then moved to the practice squad. A 6th rounder is hardly going to be that missed unless Jansen goes down.

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4 hours ago, PandaMan said:

Hate it for the guy.  He was really happy to be here.  Godspeed, long snapper Thomas Fletcher

These comments make no sense to me. You know who else would be happy to land a 6-7 figure contract they didn’t deserve? Literally 99% of the world. We have no idea if he’s a good guy or not. “Oh but he was happy to be here.” Honestly why would anyone care. You know who would’ve been happy too? Trey smith. But the coaching staff was too fuging dumb and wanted a PR stunt 

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