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Live Updates: Training camp practice on Saturday, August 6

Carolina Panthers

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3 hours ago, mc52beast said:

What I got out of all those updates was that Baker and Sam will split reps all the way up thru preseason game 2. That means the starter will have one preseason game without splitting reps. 

Am I the only one here who thinks this is beyond stupid?

My only logical guess would be that they're trying to generate as much tape as possible on both of them for a possible trade.



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Not developing Corral on the field is a big mistake. Intellectual light weights like to play the break you down to build you up in my image game instead of just welcoming someone in the fold as a huge talent in their own right.

They put all kinds of qualifiers before any perceived "reward", because they only know how to follow an agenda. They lack the true creativity that their peers posses. They just keep pulling that carrot away because in reality they are clowns with no imagination and a terrible person to work for.

In April Matt Corral was widely projected as a mid to late first rounder. He carries himself like a first rounder. He's working his tail off, showing us accuracy and touch in the limited drills we've seen. He told reporters he's starting by any means necessary.

Instead of building for the future, turning the page on this destructive "rebuild" and developing arguably the SECs best QB of 2021/2022, you want to crush his spirit until he submits to being coddled and put in bubble wrap because you're busy "developing" two of the bottom QBs in the NFL instead.

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11 hours ago, Panthers Fan 69 said:

This 1 million times. Imagine passing on first round QB talent when you absolutely need a quarterback only to draft a corner that gets hurt in the third game. If one thing is for sure. If Baker doesn’t ball out and CMC gets hurt, this team will be like last year get blown out in every game when no one cared. They got blown out of every game didn’t stand a chance. Rhule will get fired and we will go 0 and 17

They rolled over and played dead. How do you retain a coach who’s team quit on him against a division rival while still in the playoff hunt? 

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    • While I will not deny that he is good, when you trade away your drafts through 2034 and you put your team in cap hell moving forward, it is pretty easy to have some positive moments.
    • I mean there are possible pathways for us to have all 4.  None involve cutting Corral and trying to sneak him on practice squad.   It’s a certainty he is claimed by another team before you could put him on PS and label him protected.  He never gets past waivers.  I do think PJ could find his way to practice squad.  If not immediately, down the road.   I guess there also is the question if Corral ever got dinged up and they didn’t feel they would likely play him this year do some BS IR move. 
    • I have absolutely no idea of what we'll see. And that has me flummoxed about this season -- I have no idea what we have and what we can do with it. I don't trust the glimmers of hope to pan out, I don't trust the coaching; I do, somehow, think there's a chance that Mayfield comes in and makes our offense better, but it's just a chance. With that uncertainty for the season's outlook, I can't seem to even put together what we should see for the first preseason game. Maybe what I want to see come out of this game is just a bit of clarity, some kind of direction, something positive to hang the team's hat on. But that's a lot to ask of preseason game one.
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