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Camp Observations: Rashard Higgins gets (too) flashy 

Carolina Panthers

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6 hours ago, SmokinwithWilly said:

"Great play by Hig. He made a great touchdown catch," Rhule said. "But I wanted to make sure they all understood that we don't win if we don't protect the football."

Have you met Sam Darnold yet?

This is what leaves a sour taste in my mouth about the whole thing...  if this was Belichick, or hell, even a coach that averaged even 7 wins a season, and he disciplines you for the taunting penalty - I get it.  But when you're a perpetual dumbass who has proven time and time again that you have no fuging clue what you're doing in pro football, I don't think you're the guy to tell the player what he should be doing.  The laps are the same as that fuging stupid ass DBO sign.  How'd that poo work out?  The DBO poo disappeared pretty quick after taking it to Indy and getting our ass drubbed in joint practices when it became pretty clear that having our guys run to touch a sign made not a single iota of a fuging difference in their play.  Rhule is worried about the wrong poo.  Steve Smith is a future hall of famer, and how many post-play penalties did he incur in his career?  Plenty.  And we still won with him.  The only game I ever remember him costing us because of it was against the Texans when he kicked the dude in the back of the head for laying on his legs and not getting off (which was actually a penalty but wasnt called)...  

Rhule thinks he's coaching these guys up, but he is undermining himself with bullshit like this.  In life, I always looked at the source of correction before following it.  He doesn't have the weight to embarrass grown men after they make a big play like Higgins', while he's trotting Darnold out there everyday knowing he is a self-detonating imbecile under center and will wreck any progress we make as a team, as he's holding up chemistry with the clearly better QB in Baker.  He's also holding up Corral's development for the same reason.  And as I mentioned in the TC thread earlier, he did this same poo with the OL last offseason and it ended up being our biggest weakness.  It's just pure dumbassery.  And you're worried about how a guy scored and then celebrated after it.  In principle, I understand the gripe, but practically speaking, in a game, we'll gladly take a 15 yard penalty on the kickoff and keep it moving.  Worry about the poo YOU'RE fuging up Rhule, which is a lot, before you come barking up someone else's tree.  

As a former NFL player stated in response to the report on Twitter- You don't run a guy for a mistake in the NFL.  They're not 18.  You tell a grown man one time what the mistake was and they correct it.  Simple as that...  (I believe it was Taylor Gabriel that said it)

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