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LOTR: The Rings of Power

Brooklyn 3.0

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10 hours ago, Davidson Deac II said:

It starts off a little slow, but gets better as it goes along.

That's been an issue with most new fantasy shows that have these HUGE worlds and plots.  I just am in love with Middle Earth, and the show helped me really scratch that itch.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the follow up seasons, and the fall of Numenor.  It would be kind of nice if there was a bit of a time jump that allowed the rebuilding of Peligar and re-establishment of the Numenorian colonies that would later allow Elendil to found Gondor and Arnor with something better than those magical ships they use.

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Yeah people seem to forget it took a while to get GoT off the ground too.  Season 1 ended with a bang/chop but before the finale it was a lot of world building and setting up the chessboard.  It didn't stop there we kept getting new characters from different areas in Westeros etc.  But people are quick to lose their mind about RoP building up the story.  People need to give some slack, they don't have access to all the source material and are trying to create new things while staying close to the lore as possible.


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