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Dolphins got it right


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This maybe a great example of a thread that needs bumping in the future.....

I think the results will be different in say.......10 weeks.


I member huddlers @ing me and pooping on me cause i wasnt a Sam Darnold fan and the panthers were 3-0...........the same dam thing happen when I called out the soft-ass defense and many huddlers Matt Rhule'd with poo-stain stats. They ALLLLLL got quiet when the weeks played on.....

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16 hours ago, MasterAwesome said:

His face + his hand on the dude's chest + him getting showered in Gatorade just all comes together so hilariously erotic lol.  It just needs the Brazzers logo.

But yeah, if you can get almost 500 yards, 6 TDs, and 42 points out of Tua based on how he has looked the last two seasons, then you've earned my respect.

Getting Gatorade in  his eyes (as opposed to plain drinking water) must burn a little, though.

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15 hours ago, Castavar said:

They had the casuals fooled. Because from what I remembered on here, there were MANY skeptical fans mentioning how we only played the Jets, the Texans with their backup QB, and the Saints without the majority of their coaching staff because of Covid. But the superior fans came along and said we were just debbie downers and how they're happy being the "worst 3-0 team". It was fools good, and anybody not a homer could see right through that facade. It only took Mike McDaniel two games to beat a legit playoff team.

If you dig up threads after the Saints game, people were drinking the Kool-Aid. Remember the Saints came out and beat the Packers 38-3 in week one, and then we come out and beat them by 3 touchdowns.

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23 hours ago, NAS said:

It’s early but the Dolphins appear to have hit a home run by hiring Mike McDaniel as their head coach.  His offensive concepts and the way he made Tua who looked way below average last year to suddenly be throwing the ball over the field and finding him layups.  In contrast, everything with Panthers looks laborious, we can’t get DJ or CMC even open. It’s beyond pathetic and what happens when you hire a head coach who has no expertise or offensive philosophy.


The Dolphins would have got it right three years ago if they had drafted Herbert like Flores wanted and actually wanted to win at the time. 

Having said that, they are still light years ahead of us. 

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