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CMC limited in practice (ankle) but expected to play


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1 hour ago, Castavar said:

Imagine giving a RB huge money in this day and age 😬

Let's look at the top 5 RB cap hits

1. CMC - $64 million over 4 years

2. Zeke - $90 million over 6 years

3. Kamara - $75 million over 5 years

4. Cook - $63 million over 5 years

5. Henry - $50 million over 4 years

Do you see a top 10 team in that list? And leave it to the Panthers to be at the top of a list you don't want to be on yet again. It's just not that fuggin hard. Just draft a rookie RB in rounds 2-4, run them into the ground on their rookie contract, rinse and repeat.



And don't let your wife make the pick.

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39 minutes ago, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

My failed tweet embed was a quote from CMC saying if he leaves practice to take a piss they would put him on the injury report... He doesn't sound like it's anything at all.

True but I also don't expect our very injury prone RB who is missing practice in in Week 3, to come out and admit he's having injury issues. (Especially if he's slated to play.)

The news doesn't make the report; the team does.

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11 hours ago, panthersgreenville said:

It makes too much sense to trade him to the Bulls for a 1st, considering they will be picking anywhere between 28-32, that would be a steal for them and make them unstoppable. 

Before you say I’m crazy and they would never do that, what player can you draft between picks 28-32 with as much upside as CMC, especially considering his age. 

I bet the Chicago Bulls would love him.  😉

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16 hours ago, Waldo said:

Good player but also needs coaches that can effectively use him and know when to not use him. That has never been us. 

I would be fine with a trade if we could get some draft assets for the new regime. I don't know if Tepper will allow it before the trade deadline this year because he is too clueless to make a move like this. 

Not to mention Tepper said in his one interview in the off-season the main reason we sucked is Christian was hurt

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Teams that are ready to make their SB run over the next few seasons might be interested in CMC for a fair deal. We'll be lucky to win 6 games, so having CMC is just wasting his career from an achievement perspective. We should be open to trading any vet for a fair deal. This team has not gelled into anything worth watching on Sundays, and the playoffs will certainly not see the Panthers involved.

CMC is not practicing on Wednesdays in an effort to keep him fresh and lessen the chance of injury, but the reality is that he has those quick twitch muscles and that wears on your lower body in this brutal sport. I've enjoyed the hell out of watching CMC absolutely drag the rest of the NFL, but we're clearly headed nowhere. Send him to a winner and let's plan for the future. 

Possibly one of the biggest events in Panthers history is right around the corner with the 2023 NFL draft.  Trading CMC would give us extra draft capital to move up if we're not high enough to snag the QB we want. The Saints game is huge for us because the threat is that we might actually beat them. I don't want to lose draft position over a meaningless win, but I understand if wins want the win and think we're headed to the playoffs. We're not imo, but it's fine if you still want wins.

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22 minutes ago, Camp Fodder said:

Not to mention Tepper said in his one interview in the off-season the main reason we sucked is Christian was hurt

So he still has no idea what he is talking about which tracks with what many think about him.

Wonder what he will say when they keep losing with a healthy enough CMC.

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